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German Shepherds Rehomed 61

More German Shepherd Puppies and Dogs that have found new homes




baz german shepherd

Baz is a 1yr old entire boy who because of his owners' illness needs to be rehomed.  He is a really sweet natured boy who does jump up and pulls slightly on the lead with excitement.  He would be ok with children and other dogs but does chase cats.  He has never been in a car so not sure if he would be sick or not.  The volunteer who assessed him had no trouble retrieving the ball when playing ad just wanted to play with her. 


burtie the gsd

Bertie is a 6year old neutered boy who is being rehomed due to the family circumstances changing. He has lived with cats and other dogs and has even been around horses.  He does have food protection issues when other dogs are around.  He is very well trained with commands and will even bark when told to speak.  He does have a mischievous side as he took the volunteers camera out of his bag without being told to.  He loves playing and being groomed and the volunteer has said that he is a very well trained, friendly and socialised dog.


cindy gsd

3-year-old spayed bitch. Good with children and other dogs. Never lived with cats. Very playful and full of energy so best with older children. Needs a home that can give her a lot of exercise and some training which her current owners are unable to give her. Being rehomed through no fault of her own.


jacob gsd

Jacob is very friendly and affectionate with strangers, playful and alert.  From the photographs (I do have more if required) you can see that he is very handsome.  He spent most of my visit either licking me, playing with his toy or looking out of the window for passing people.  No barking or guard behaviour in the latter – just a very inquisitive and alert GSD.  He is friendly with dogs, cats and has taken a shine to his next door neighbour’s rabbits (apparently when they stray into the garden he cuddles up to them!).  He is fully house trained and will paw the back door if he needs to go out." Jacob is being rehomed due to a marital breakdown and has been well loved so far. -Vaccinated & microchipped. Just a fantastic all round boy.



Zak, 5-year-old entire male came into the rescue because is owner had no time for him, never walked and lacked much-needed attention. Since being in foster care he has come on leaps and bounds. Zak is a very loyal dog and loves nothing more than to please you and be by your side. He loves his ball and will your best friend for a treat or two; he does basic commands like sit stay and vet check etc. Strong on the lead but is having training for this. Zak is currently living with two cats and two female GSD’s not food possessive but can be over playful with visitors.


This lovely lady, is 5 yr old, unspayed bitch, Sheba. Housetrained. Travels well. Cats unknown. Been fine around visiting grandchildren from babies upwards. Sheba has had 3 litters, so needs spaying asap. She greeted our volunteer very friendly and has a fantastic temperament. Sheba has lived with other gsds, but has a tendency to be a bit bossy. No food/toy possession. Loves to play ball. Pulls on the lead at first, but does settle. Recall ok. A really stunning girl with a nice nature.



This handsome boy is 4 yr old, entire male, Max. Max was bought from an ad in a newspaper by a farmer, who has had him for 2 weeks, and because Max jumped at his 33 yr old son, the farmer was going to shoot him. Thankfully, Max is safe in kennels now. He is supposedly an ex-police dog, he guards the car/kennel/home really well. With his owner, he will be a wonderful companion. After only an hour with the volunteer who picked him up, he was very affectionate & playful. On a lead, Max will bark at other dogs, but happily, plays off lead, and has lived with other dogs. Was fine with all livestock and cats at the farm, ignored the chickens running round! As we know so little about his background, we will not rehome where there are any children. Max will make a fantastic pet for the right home.


sally gsd

This beautiful girl is 2 yr old, unspayed bitch, Sally. She is vaccinated & microchipped. Sally is housetrained and sleeps in the house. Sally has had 3 different homes & been returned to the breeder, through no fault of her own. Sally is very active, would be good for agility. Sally is fine with other dogs. Pulls on the lead, but is fine off lead. A really nice dog needing a permanent home


sally gsd cross puppy

This sweetheart is 7 month old gsd cross puppy, Sally. She is housetrained, not vaccinated. Sally is in foster care with other German Shepherds, no problems at all. She is a typical bouncy pup who needs to learn the basics. Sally has been quite poorly recently, with a nasty tummy bug, but is on the road to recovery & looking for a new home.


troy gsd

Troy is 7 years old and a very friendly, well behaved dog. He is neutered, vaccinated & microchipped. Housetrained & travels well. Troy is very stressed with his owners twin's aged 2 & needs a home asap. Troy is fine with other dogs, has lived with a dominant bitch. No food/toy aggression. Walks really nicely on the lead, will bark at dogs on the lead, but is fine off lead. Troy isnt getting walked often enough, so is carrying too much weight. A gorgeous dog who loves to be groomed


max gsd puppy

Max is only 7mths old. He is very friendly, has grown up with a family with cats and is OK with other dogs. He loves going out for walks and is a good boy around the house. He is being rtehomed because his owners have had to move into rented accommodation.

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Please help us by making a donation so that we can help re home more unwanted German Shepherd Dogs. Donations can be sent to Jayne Shenstone, German Shepherd Rescue, Little Vauld, Marden Hereford HR1 3HA. Thank you.