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German Shepherds Rehomed 59

More German Shepherd Puppies and Dogs that have found new homes




radar gsd

Radar has come to us as his owner is very ill. She needed to go to the hospital but would NOT go as she did not want to leave he beloved Radar. Sadly she had to go and we were contacted and asked if we could help. Of course, our answer was yes. We collected Radar and took him to the kennels Friday he is missing his owner and fretting. Poor lad has never been away from his home. Radar is 6 yrs young he is entire. His vac's. are up to date due in November. He is good with children Owner said he was not very good with other dogs as he was attacked when a youngster. But he has been mixed with other dogs at the kennel and has shown no sign of been aggressive. He is a little scared at the moment poor lad can't understand where he is. He has been off the lead and comes when called.


samson gsd

Samson is a 15-month-old neutered male a light black and tan short coated. He is up to date with vaccinations, due Feb. 2011. This boy is good with children 5 yrs upwards great with other dogs and cats.This boy is a bundle of energy and will need a home where the owners will spend time walking him. He is a large boy. The reason for rehoming is that the owners' husband is away and she just can't walk him, time spent with the children. he is bored and full of himself. Our volunteer said he will make someone a nice faithful pet. He is in the North Yorkshire area.

Clyde - needs out by Friday 30/4/10

clyde long haired gsd

Clyde, a beautiful big bear of a dog, Black and Tan, Long Coat. 9 years old entire male.  Vaccinated and booster due soon.  Has lived with 2 children aged up to 10 and has been fine with all visiting children and people.  Clyde has briefly lived for a short while with a female dog, but would probably be best homed as an only dog as he has been spoilt and likes his family comforts.  Not too keen on smaller dogs if they bark at him.  A volunteer found him good on the lead, and off lead walked past people, children, pushchairs, and traffic with no problems.  Clyde will typically bark at the front door bell going and then is fine with people when they come in the house and likes loads of fuss. Clyde is housetrained and not destructive and has lived indoors.  Loves to play with footballs, no food aggression or nervous issues.  A gorgeous big dog that is reluctantly being rehomed due to change in family circumstances.



This is Elle, she has come to us from the pound once again on her last day, We are not sure how old she is but we would say no more than 18 months. She is thin, we think she is suffering with kennel stress. This is what our volunteer has to say about her he is walking her on a regular basis since she came to us. She is a lovely dog, who enjoys being with you.  She tends to jump up, but only because she wants to lick your face and this can easily be cured.  She’s particularly intelligent and pays attention all the time she is very thin with poor muscle development.  Anyway, she is on a gluten-free diet of three or four small meals a day and we’ll see how she goes.  I was also told that she doesn’t like other dogs, but I’ve seen no evidence of that so far.


tara gsd

Tara bitch (entire) 7yrs last in season 3 weeks ago. Sable colour very nice semi coat, vaccinated 27 04 2010 boaster needed in two weeks Good with children. Good with other dogs (cats unknown) She has never shown any aggression. Quiet with strangers. This dog was an absolute gem, very quiet and very loving. Tara is now with us in kennels as her owner had to go into rented accommodation and was not allowed to take Tara. Tara is used to living with 3 other dogs. Seems a very nice girl


ruby gsd

Ruby is a very nice 15-month-old bitch. Ruby is not a large girl. She is not spayed. She is very good with children from new born upwards. She is good with other dogs and cats she just wants to play. She does jump up to greet you but just friendly. She is kept in a crate when left. She is fully vacated. The reason for parting with her is that the house is too small for her and owner has two children so has not got the time for Ruby. We think Ruby will make a very nice pet.


zion white gsd

Zion is 18 months old and has boundless energy!, he can walk all day and want to play when he gets home, a very handsome boy who will stunning once he grows into his ears and legs, at the moment he is living with 5 other shepherds, (Ty is one of them), he is good indoors, no mess or chewing, he has met dogs and people when out walking with no problem, he has had little lead training but is getting better every day, he is better off lead and comes back when called with no problem, he would be happy on his own or with other dogs but will try to dominate (if allowed) but not aggressively, just a bit pushy for his age, he loves to play ball and will ride in the car all day, Zion would benefit from a confident (and fit) handler and will reward you with love and affection.


oliver gsd

Oliver 4 years old. Has lived with 2 cats and two children. He is micro-chipped and has been vaccinated for the past three years but his booster is now due. He was purchased from a breeder at 8 weeks old and is a pedigree. Loves water and bath times, pulls on the lead so this will need correcting, off lead he will walk close by and has some recall but can be distracted by other dogs etc. No food aggression but can be very protective of his family. No aggression just lots of barking at strangers. Wants to play when meets other dogs, currently is chewing himself du to boredom of never going for a walk.


coco gsd bitch

Coco is only 6 mths old and has ended up in rescue. Nice girl, OK with other dogs and kids.


sabre gsd

Sabre is 19 months old Black & Tan Short Coated neutered Male.He is good with Children other dogs cats are unknown, He is very good natured he is up to date with vacs. Our volunteer found him to be very friendly. Family are reluctantly parting. Sabre is very boisterous lacking exercise so with lots of walking this will settle him.He is a large boy

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Please help us by making a donation so that we can help re home more unwanted German Shepherd Dogs. Donations can be sent to Jayne Shenstone, German Shepherd Rescue, Little Vauld, Marden Hereford HR1 3HA. Thank you.