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Ice - LLanelli

This beautiful big boy is Ice who is a 9-year-old unneutered male who lives with his best friend a female GSD called Phyre.

They are both in foster together because their owner has been diagnosed with cancer and can no longer take care of them. 

Ice is a real gentleman who is friendly, calm polite and really loves a fuss, leans in for more.

Out on walks he either ignore other dogs or shows friendly interest. He hasn't been observed with cats

He loves to play ball and tug and will trade his toys politely with no possessiveness. He is also good with his food and shows no guarding. 

Ice loves being groomed, he just relaxes and enjoys it which is good given his beautiful long coat.

Although he hasn't lived with children he has come into contact with children on walks, some of which wanted to stroke Ice as he looks like a big polar bear.  Yet again he lived up to his gentleman ways and sat quietly while being stroked and didn’t show any aggression.  Also, the fosterer's granddaughter visited and he was quiet and calm.

He is a truly remarkable dog & diagnosed his owner's cancer by persistent nagging. 

He will sit, lie down, gives his paws, fetch ball/toy.  He adheres to hand signals, wait and go round.  When left off the lead on the command of Play (ie in a field with no other dogs apart from Phyre or distractions), he will chase sticks, paddle in rivers and comes back when called, without hesitation. 

Despite the breed, Ice isn’t very vocal.  He whines occasionally to get attention for playtime and gets excited when he knows he’s going for a walk.  In the house or garden, he doesn’t/hasn’t barked.

He is a very intelligent dog, likes to be entertained/interacted with and enjoys a leisurely afternoon nap.

Whoever adopts Ice will have their world blessed by this gentle giant.

We hope that someone will adopt Ice and Phyre together as they are such lovely easy going dogs and get on great with each other. 

Ice and best friend Phyre

Ice and Phyre 2 beautiful GSD's looking for a home

Ice is a real gentleman

large white gsd looking for a new home

More information
Gender:   Male
Age: 9
Color: White
Coat: Long
Neutered: No
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Dont Know
Good with children: Yes
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