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German Shepherd Puppies and German Shepherd Dogs rehomed across the UK. Help and Advice on All Aspects of Owning a GSD

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boss is a german shepherd that has had a hard lifeSPRING A DOG OUT OF KENNELS

We have record numbers of dogs sitting in commercial boarding kennels waiting for their new homes to come along, many have been in there for months, some over a year. Not only does this drain our funds, but more importantly it is no life for any dog to be kept in confinement for so long. They need homes.

What is wrong with these dogs? Nothing, they have just been discarded by humans through no fault of their own.

This lovely big boy is Boss who has never had a home of his own, and those scars tell a story of a very hard life. Boss has been in kennels since October 2015 yet he is a kind, gentle soul who just wants to be loved. He does not like being in kennels, and he does not deserve this.

Rescue dogs are not damaged dogs; they have just been let down by humans. It should not matter what colour, size or age they are - that is not rescuing. Dogs like Boss deserve a chance, not jail!! Can you free a dog from kennels and give him or her a kind loving home?

If you can help, please fill out an adoption/foster form. These are some of our kennel dwellers.

Tosca in kennels since September 2015TOSCA In Kennels Since September 2015.

Tosca was originally rescued from a very uncertain future in Romania; she is a GSD/Cross black/tan 6 years old.

When she first arrived in England, she had very little confidence, and not used to being part of a family, with love and patience she has gradually gained confidence and been introduced to toys and has become more relaxed and playful.

She loves human company and gets on well with other dogs and people she meets out on her walk. She can be a little protective, but with the right home, she will overcome this.

Tosca is now looking to going forward and getting a new home where she can continue to enjoy her freedom and new found confidence.

Tosca will thrive given the right home and give plenty of love in return.

Older GSD Looking For A HomeMature Tess Needs A Home Not Kennels

Tess is a 10-year-old black and tan short coated GSD looking for a new home through no fault of her own but due to her owner's ill health.

This lovely elderly lady is currently in kennels. Tess is quite strong on a lead but walks well with a halti / dogmatic and is good off the lead with good recall, not going far preferring to stay close to you.

She is very treat orientated and takes them very nicely. Tess is a very clever girl and used to do tasks for her previous owners like fetching the phone and opening doors.

All in all, Tess is a happy contented girl.

Although 10 years old she is very active and loves to run. She does like some dogs but can be quite choosy.

Tess doesn't deserve to be in kennels and just wants a loving family and a warm home.

Please do consider adopting this lovely girl.

Keira Urgently Needs A HomeKeira Urgently Needs An Experienced Foster Home


We need a foster home for this beautiful girl Keira who is only 21/2 years old. She needs to be the only dog in an adult only home.

Keira spent the first 18 months of her life in a cage where she chewed off her tail. She suffers from Severe Separation anxiety..... she would sleep on your head if she could but she needs to learn that it is ok to be left on her own and that you will always be coming home.

Her bottom is her hot spot and she will attack it in times of stress or excitement. Kennels is no place for this beautiful girl because it is making her issues 10 times worse.

She will be the most loyal friend you could ever wish to have.


GSD with DM having hydrotherapyDM - Canine Degenerative Myelopathy

Mention DM to anyone who has ever owned a German Shepherd, and they will all know immediately what you are referring to.

DM (previously called CDRM) is a terrible, progressive condition which will ultimately lead to the euthanasia of the dog because it has become paralysed at the back end and can become doubly incontinent, although it's usually the bowels that they lose control of rather than the bladder.

The brain remains alert and front end remains normal so watching your poor dog trying to drag itself around on its front limbs is heartbreaking, which makes the decision to put to sleep even harder. Some owners do resort to doggy wheels, and many dogs do very well on these, although it takes a great commitment from the owner.

Conventional medicine can offer you nothing to help your pet with DM. Some alternative ideas.

May 2017 NewsletterMay 2017 Newsletter

We do however still have far too many kennel dwellers with many of those having been in kennels six months or more. This is not the life for any dog, especially a large breed dog. We hope people will consider our overlooked dogs, all of whom have ended up in rescue through no fault of their own.

They are not bad dogs, they don't have issues, they were just made homeless and we had to put them in kennels to keep them safe until new homes are found.

We have now also become known for rehoming Caucasian Shepherds too and we are getting requests to rehome unwanted dogs, many of who have been abandoned and picked up as strays with unregistered foreign microchips. This is yet another breed now being exploited so we are happy to help these dogs although this is not the breed that we would ever consider putting into your average pet home.

The Caucasians that we have rehomed have all gone to lovely rural homes with plenty of space for these large dogs. The number we have helped is a very small percentage of the total number of dogs we rehome annually. I personally have had 5 of these dogs and two of our kennels also now have experience with the breed. May 2017 Newsletter.

Why Vets Are Getting Away With MurderWhy Vets Are Getting Away With Murder?

"The veterinary profession is broken, and it isn’t about to change anytime soon. Our pets are being over-serviced, and we’re getting fleeced. We pay for the unnecessary vaccinations, the overly-processed, synthetic prescription pet foods that contain ingredients from China, and we pay for drugs and chemicals that are damaging to the immune system.

After shelling out for these services, pet owners need to keep their wallets open because, sooner or later, the chronic disease caused by these products like allergies and cancer will start to kick in and require treatment. They threaten the quality and quantity of life for our companion animals – and many of these diseases are caused by the products vets tell us are safe and effective.

The sad fact is some common veterinary practices are harming our dogs. Vets today have too many drugs, vaccines and chemicals at their disposal and they’re overly willing to dispense them. The worst part is that they hold no accountability for their actions. In short, they can and do ignore vaccine label recommendations or prescribe harmful or unnecessary drugs and we pet owners have no recourse." Why Are Vets Getting Away With Murder?

bilbo the puppy receives nosodes instead of toxic vaccinesCampaign To Expose Vaccine Dangers

These two puppies, Bilbo Baggins and Lyra, were born in rescue after we took on a female GSD who unbeknown to us was expecting. Bilbo and Lyra have never been vaccinated but instead, have received 'nosodes' to build up their immunity.

Nosodes are a safe, cheap alternative to toxic vaccinations which are peddled by big pharma and veterinary practices and which are nothing more than revenue generators.

The first vaccine usually given as a very young puppy is probably the most dangerous.

Chris Day is probably the most well known homoeopathic vet - 'Sadly, the acute-onset problems and the chronic issues can be set up by even the very first vaccine event in a susceptible individual. We have even witnessed puppy and kitten deaths after the first dose.' Guidelines on Nosodes.

gsd cross lyra has never been vaccinated, she is protected with nosodesChris Day the Alternative Vet: 'No manufacturer will guarantee the safety of vaccination. Quite apart, from dangerous and life-threatening anaphylactic reactions that can occur within hours of the injection, transient fevers and malaise and injection site lumps or abscesses, there can be chronic late-onset problems. As a referral centre dealing mainly with troublesome chronic disease, our own research suggests that over 80% of chronic illness that we see starts within three months of a vaccination event. Such problems include skin problems, allergy, atopy, autoimmune problems, heart murmur, meningitis, encephalitis, paralysis, nervousness, excitability, epilepsy and seizures, CDRM, cardiomyopathy, colitis, chronic diarrhoea, ear problems, 'virus' in horses, sarcoid, COPD and headshaking. It may even be that syringomyelia may be triggered by vaccination. Proving an association in any single case is not possible, but the overall statistics are frightening.'


 Holmer Vets Hereford

GSDR alway has and always will operate a NO DESTRUCTION POLICY because we believe that all dogs deserve a good life. We will find the right home for all the dogs that come into our care no matter how long it takes. German Shepherd Dog Rescue is both a registered charity and company, which produces yearly accounts so that you know where your donated monies are spent.

German Shepherd Rescue

We are German Shepherd Dog Rescue the biggest and best charity in England and Wales helping to foster and rehome German Shepherd puppies and German Shepherd dogs (Alsatians).

German Shepherd Dog Rescue helps rehome German Shepherds across the UK. Can you help us raise funds so that we can rescue more unwanted German Shepherd Dogs?

If you are thinking of buying a dog as a family pet forget that puppies for sale advert, please read this article first.

Please do not contact the rescue specifically for puppies - buying a puppy. We are looking for loving homes for rescue dogs of all ages. We always have many German Shepherd dogs for rehoming. Can you offer to adopt a German Shepherd and give it a good home or maybe you could foster a German Shepherd until a new home can be found.

If you would like us to feature a German Shepherd dog that is looking for a new home, please contact us with you details. Please note that this is a genuine service for German Shepherd Rescue and not a listing for people wishing to sell their German Shepherd dog.

We do not have puppies for sale or dogs for sale but we do ask for a minimum donation which goes towards helping other needy dogs. Monies raised go towards kenneling and veterinary costs.

Volunteers are always welcome.

German Shepherd Dog Rescue is run by volunteers who are involved because of their love for the breed. Most have jobs and families and fit in rescue work when they can and at their own cost. Please be patient, and we will deal with your requests as soon as we can. Our rescue dogs are worth waiting for!

Please help us by making a donation so that we can help re home more unwanted German Shepherd dogs. Donations can be sent to Jayne Shenstone, German Shepherd Dog Rescue, Little Vauld, Marden Hereford HR1 3HA. We also accept Paypal payments - just click on the Paypal button below. Thank you.

Please help support the rescue
Please help us by making a donation so that we can help re home more unwanted German Shepherd Dogs. Donations can be sent to Jayne Shenstone, German Shepherd Rescue, Little Vauld, Marden Hereford HR1 3HA. Thank you.