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Willow - Dorset

This stunning young girl is Willow who is 1 year old. She has been spayed. 

This poor girl has been passed around somewhat since a young puppy. She was originally bought by a chap for security work but she was too soft for this so she was returned to the breeder as too domesticated for security work.

She was then passed on to someone else where they crated her for 18 hours a day which went on for 2 months before Willow was given to yet another owner. This home loved Willow but they had 2 older collies and one of them fought with Willow so they approached GSDR to rehome her. Because she was reactive towards other dogs, they didn't walk her much or socialise her giving her most of her exercise in the garden.

Since August 2019 Willow has been in a home where she settled very well and has become one of the family. She loves playing is very affectionate and friendly. She loves their 6-year-old grandson.

Willow is good with strangers although she can be a little enthusiastic on greeting so they keep her on a lead until she calms down before greeting. She very quickly accepts new people and is very friendly.

She is a good girl at night and sleeps in the kitchen. When left she barks initially but soon settles down until her owners come back. She is not destructive but when given permission she likes to shred things. 

Willow is very bright and quick to learn, her recall on a 10-metre lead is improving although they haven't let her off as they live in an area with rabbits, deer and livestock. They think given time that she would be trustworthy off lead.

She has been to a few classes where she worked alone and she loves agility.

Her owners say she is reactive towards other dogs but they don't think she is aggressive just over-enthusiastic and excitable, pulling and lunging.

She has been allowed off lead at dog training and her first objective is to play but she doesn't have any doggy manners and tends to try and dominate.

Initially, she was reactive towards people and bikes passing as well as when passing fields of sheep and cattle. However, she is now much better and has calmed down enormously. This will improve the more she is exposed to the outside world.

At home Willow is very well behaved being affectionate, playful, good natured and she loves to be groomed.

At the vets she is also well behaved though her current owners take her at the beginning or the end of the surgery when there are no other dogs. She will let the vet do anything to her without complaint.

Willow needs a new home where her owner will help her socialise with other dogs and continue with her training.

Willow is a stunning young dog

Stunning young female german shepherd

More information
Gender:   Female
Age: 1
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Semi
Neutered: Yes
Good with other dogs: Only Males
Good with cats: Dont Know
Good with children: Yes
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