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Update- CD Abandoned Dog

CD - Happy well and safe, no thanks to the SSPCA

PLEASE NOTE: Photographs were sent anonymously to the rescue.

Read the full story about poor CD and see the appalling conditions in which he lived and read how he was betrayed by the Scottish SPCA and their tame vet who deemed his plight 'acceptable'

CD was liberated from this squalor and his very lonely miserable existence. Once again, compassionate people have to break the law to help an animal in distress when we have Animal Welfare laws in place that could be used to prosecute owners like this

The SSPCA claimed our photographs were 'vastly out-of-date and depict a situation that no longer exists due to Scottish SPCA action.'

Too right this situation no longer exists but it's no thanks to the Scottish SPCA.

Before: Living in isolation, filth and squalor.

poor cd the gsd

Remember what the Scottish SPCA said:

'Kyle is no longer a guard dog, although he was for the first five years of his life. He has lived at this property for the last five years. Both the Scottish SPCA Inspector and veterinary surgeon concluded that, given his age and the fact that Kyle is familiar with this set up, his welfare would be best served by staying where he is. Indeed the veterinary surgeon expressed that they would have grave concerns over his welfare should he be relocated to a home environment. The Scottish SPCA Inspector stated, “There is every chance this dog would bite or attack someone if it was rehomed. It simply could not adapt to a new, indoor situation.”'

CD now:

CD happy and well

What a difference a few weeks makes. CD has never bitten or attempted to bite anyone and is living happily in a home. Bright eyed, bushy tailed and happy at last.

Remember what the vet said in her statement when she claimed CD was a guard dog:

'In my opinion, this dog is being kept in conditions appropriate for a working guard dog and is being appropriately cared for'. We wonder what vet school she trained at!!

guard dog signs

CD in much more appropriate surroundings enjoying a walk

Appropriate environment and treatment for a highly intelligent GSD according to the SSPCA!

Still want to donate to the Scottish SSPCA? Your donations didn't help CD. Think about it.

beautiful cd

If left to the Scottish SPCA this dog would have spent the rest of days living in misery in his filthy, isolated enclosure. Thanks to the people that believed CD deserved a better life and were prepared to do something about it. We hope that CD will at least have a few happy years in his retirement home.

Telephone 0131 339 0222 or email and complain to the Scottish SPCA. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, DON'T LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT.

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