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Tula – Cambridgeshire

Sweet Tula

The first comment that I heard about Tula, before she even came to us was, 'There isn't a bad bone in this dog's body'. That was a good start but, as it came from someone who was trying to persuade us to rescue her, I had to take this with a pinch of salt. This poor baby had been a breeding bitch and had just lost a litter of three deformed pups. I was told that, at the time, she was still bleeding. Subsequently, I was able to confirm that she did receive appropriate medical care, but she was clearly bereaved and according to the vets 'still nesting'. How anguished she must have been, especially as she was used as a brood bitch in kennels?

This is no life for any dog, but poor sweet Tula did not deserve this. Thanks to the power of Facebook and volunteers with goodwill, she was rescued. Transport was paid for by private donations via Facebook and her rescuers Hayley Carter Nash and Missy freeman Davies mobilized a Facebook army of people who supported her. When she came to GSDR and our lovely kennels, poor Tula was given a chance to live her best life. Little does she know that the best is yet to come. Already, she is cheerful and affectionate and always grinning.

Well, was the assessment correct? We have lived with Tula by now for a few weeks, by now, and we cannot fault her. Of course, she is untrained and is timid rather than confident. She could not understand a lead, even. But she has grabbed her chance of a new life with gusto and is loving every minute. She is happy, biddable, and willing to learn. She is not a stubborn, resistant, or dominant type at all. She is sweet Tula 'without a bad bone in her body.' She is beloved by everyone who meets her.

EDIT: Since I wrote the above, Tula was accepted for a foster trial. She proved to be just adorable in a home as she is in kennels. She was easy to house train and although her obedience work needed attention, she made progress, even in the short time that she was there. Tragically, she was brought back because she did not accept the family cat, who was terrified and once feral. Tula is happily unconcerned about the cats at the kennels and so we still would regard her as 'good with cats'. However, we would recount in detail the events that occurred on her foster trial and ask that, this time, any foster carer works with us and does observe safety protocols. Caucasians, even such sweet natured girls as Tula, need to be treated with respect and suggested handling procedures observed. We can report, however, that Tula was unresponsive to the sheep and horses on the farm.

Now that Tula has lived in a home, we can say with even greater certainty that she is as sweet natured as she has always been in kennels. She has a wonderful temperament, and the kennel staff are delighted to see her again, even though they are heartbroken for her, as we all are. Happily, Tula remains a cheerful girl, as always. When she arrived back, she wagged her tail at everyone and even scratched her kennel door, eager to settle after her long journey. I would say that she has a truly remarkable temperament.

Will you fall for her? Everyone else has.

More information
Gender:   Female
Age: Age 3
Color: Other
Coat: Long
Neutered: No
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Good with children: Dont Know
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