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Tinkerbelle- Hereford

Meet our lovely Tinkerbelle who is a very pretty 2-year-old spayed, semi coated girl who is already in her 3rd home.

She belongs to owners who have no experience with the breed and they claim she has become very fearful of certain situations.

They state that she is constantly stressed because they can't exercise her because of their work commitments but poor Tinkerbelle is being left for 8-10 hours all on her own. Friends and family won't come around to let her out because they are not used to the breed and are fearful of large dogs. She must be bored out now her mind.

When our volunteer visited she was apprehensive of meeting Tinkerbelle because of what she had been told about her but when she arrived she just behaved like a normal GSD would and the volunteer didn't feel threatened or worried by her.

Out on a walk, they saw lots of people, cyclists and other dog and Tinkerbelle did not react to any of them - no lunging or barking.

Her current owner says that her recall is 50/50 if no there is no distraction. Give her a tennis ball and she is so focused on that that she does not take any notice of anything else.

If off lead she will run up to other dogs and bark but does not fight with them. She chases cats.
Back at the house, she barked when the volunteer entered but then settled. A stranger then came to the door and Tinkerbell barked but was then fine.

However, we are told that she is very fearful and nervous of strangers entering her space so new owners will need to help her overcome her fears.

We think Tinkerbelle needs an experienced home with someone who has time for her to give her the exercise she needs and some basic training.

An adult only home of one with teenage children would be better for her than a home with very young children.,

Poor Tinkerbell has obviously been passed around quite a bit in her short life so she now needs stability and company to help her overcome her minor issues.

If you are not prepared to help Tinkerbelle with these issues and expect a perfect dog, don't apply to adopt this lovely girl. Her next home needs to be her forever home.

Tinkerbelle is such a pretty dog

Tinkerbelle pretty gsd looking for a new home

More information
Gender:   Female
Age: 2
Color: Other
Coat: Semi
Neutered: Yes
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: No
Good with children: Older children only
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