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Stella – Bedfordshire

Poor Stella

This poor girl was recently adopted and is now up for rehoming again. Her present owner is devastated. She has really tried to make the adoption work, but Stella is too much for her, and she is nervous of walking her now. Stella is guarding her and the more nervous her owner becomes of what might happen, the more her guarding behaviour escalates. It is very common. In short, Stella had not been socialized, and was hardly exercised even, and she is nervous of the big outside world. She feels that she needs to protect her owner from this as well. This is a recipe for disaster. She is not uniformly bad with dogs and children, but she is unreliable. Stella will be a challenge, as she is a big girl, but any active experienced GSD owner would be able to turn her around in a few weeks.

Another issue is that her day-care arrangements have not worked out. Stella has taken a dislike to her companion in the household that would have offered her day-care. She has fear aggression and is out of her comfort zone. She would be better with an owner who is home most of the day and in a single dog household. In the home, when alone with her owners, she is sweet and affectionate. She has begun to develop guarding behaviour towards visitors as well. At the moment this is only threatening and would be unlikely to progress to a bite. Again, this is a prevalent GSD trait and fairly straightforward to manage if she cannot be retrained. What this girl needs is an owner with strong leadership qualities, who will give her confidence and whom she will not feel the need to guard.

Poor Stella did not have a great start . She was born during the pandemic and her original family suffered a catastrophic bereavement and loss of job. This poor girl only knew only grief and anxiety and trauma. There was nothing left for her, although the family did their best. Additionally, she is a pandemic pup and all that that implies. And now, there is yet another upheaval, at such a young age. She is still hardly more than a pup.

Her new owner has written a very detailed analysis, which we will share with prospective adopters. It is insightful, detailed, honest and will be helpful. Stella will be a sweetheart, in any new home, but a challenge outside. Nothing new there then.

Are you an experienced adopter? Are you up for a challenge? You could not have one that is more worthwhile.

More information
Gender:   Female
Age: 2 years old
Color: Black
Coat: Semi
Neutered: Yes
Good with other dogs: No
Good with cats: No
Good with children: No
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