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Kai – South Lincolnshire

Kai came to the UK from Macedonia. He came to the UK in hope of a wonderful life.

He was fostered, with a view to adopt, by a very loving family and he even had his own twenty four seven playmate. He loved his little sister and the two of them played together endlessly and happily. 

In other respects, Kai has a high opinion of himself and he listens, but only in his own time. Ideally, he should have a very experienced owner. He still jumps up, for example. He is exuberant and unfortunately this led to the breakdown of his super foster home.
He might have been reluctant to be told what to do, and jumped up as an evasive tactic. This ended the placement and Kai was returned to kennels.
He is not doing well, separated from the ideal family home that he enjoyed so much, with his young sister. He is bereaved and a very unhappy boy in kennels. 

Despite this, he is usually bouncy and cheerful and he loves to play. This is his basic nature and this is re emerging. The kennel staff like him and play with him happily. There has never been any suggestion of aggression towards anyone there. He is not happy with the other dogs in the kennel but we do know that he lived so amicably with a bitch that we are confident that he could do so again with slow introdutions.

This is what the kennels have to say about Kai

"Kai is the most obedient dog, he is constantly listening out for a command or waiting to see what you would like for him to do next. Although he has this personality trait, he is also so goofy. He thinks he’s a lap dog and if you sit with him he will curl up in a ball on your lap! He will find any excuse to roll around on the floor for a belly rub.

Once a relationship is built with Kai, he will be the most loving, loyal companion. He has so much love to give but needs someone to give him the time he needs to trust. Typically women are easily accepted by Kai, but with men he needs people to cooperate with him to help him get to where he needs to be. Other dogs can also be a stress factor for Kai, but only when the other dog is forcing interaction. From a distance or even close passing he will not react, will listen to commands to sit and stay to help him know you are there."

Kai is a malinois cross but he is not quite full size so is easier to manage. He walks nicely on the lead and loves a good sniff which can help his new adopter with training.  He is basically cheerful and very energetic. He would do well in an active home, without children, and in the hands of an experienced GSD/Mali owner.  What he hopes for, above all, is another flirty playful bitch to whom he could give his heart. 

Kai will need multiple meets to get used to a male adopter.

More information
Gender:   Male
Age: 6
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Short
Neutered: Yes
Good with other dogs: Only Females
Good with cats: No
Good with children: No
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