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Skylar - West Yorks

Meet four-year-old Skylar and you’ll fall in puppy love. 

This girl epitomizes everything you could want in a canine companion, oozing love and character, she craves human attention and her intelligence means she is both a pleasure and reward to train. 

Skylar was the victim of a change in human relationships, and though healthy, she was booked in to be PTS. Thankfully the vets got in touch and just hours before her appointment, we found a foster.  

Skylar was so terrified her fabulous ears stayed upright for a week as she settled into foster – given space and direction, she has slowly given complete trust to foster mum and her confidence has spiked. 

Skylar, aka Dolly, had perfect talons so was clearly not being exercised – now she plays fetch and shows off some fancy footwork with her beloved ball, building muscle and trimming those nails.  

She is desperate to learn with the only command she really knew being Sit, she now knows Down, Stay, Leave, Give, Drop-it, Gently (for taking treats), is muzzled trained and toilets on command.  

Indoors she is a perfect house guest that barely moults, and though she destroyed a soft dog toy as she is a chomper, she solely touches various nylabone toys; Skylar is crate trained though is left loose in the living room on occasion for several hours and overnight sleeps in the kitchen. She will bark at the doorbell, but will quiet on command. 

We are told she lived with a dog before, she is highly dog reactive though we think this is purely anxiety and not aggression – she gets very excited when her slip lead then Dogmatic are put on and has been walking nicely to heel albeit she has been walked in the evening when it’s quieter, she hasn’t reacted to cars, people or fireworks, but when she’s seen another dog Skylar has barked and become anxious, However, with some advice from a trainer, they keep her walking and with a consistent ‘no’ command, she has been responding really well to focus back on her walk. 

There are two resident males in the foster home who Skylar has been mostly separated from as she reacted badly to the GSDX on sight for some unknown reason, which has now completely subsided, the calm GSD however, she quickly settled to on sight and has spent time in the living room with him without issue, so with very careful introduction she could live with a calm male GSD. When walked with the boys on occasion, with separate humans, she has walked nicely alongside them both. 

Dolly’s vaccinations and worm treatments are up to date and she had her last season in August – whilst a happy girl now, the vets was a real challenge even with sedatives ahead of the visit, so the vet and foster agreed it would set her back too much to put her through spaying in November, therefore, she will need to be spayed after her next season and settled into her forever home. She loves her food, with daily kibbles and carrots, and treats work a charm as part of her training.
Skylar has bonded with her foster, and loves nothing more than to lie on the sofa for a belly rub. She will take time and need space to settle with her adopters, and the training she is receiving must be continued, but the loyalty, love and fun you will have with her in your life will be worth any short wait. 



More information
Gender:   Female
Age: 4
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Short
Neutered: No
Good with other dogs: Dont Know
Good with cats: Dont Know
Good with children: Older children only
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