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Shona - West Yorkshire

Update Nov 18 : 

Shona was picked up by the dog warden and ended up in the stray kennels. She wasn’t the easiest of dogs to rehome, so if we hadn’t stepped in to take her then her chances of a home would have been very small. We’ve built trust with Shona and got to know her funny ways, she can be very vocal when first meeting anyone new, but then will soon settle.

It also became very obvious why she was probably dumped because she has such horrendous polyps in both ears, caused by an infection after infection and never getting the treatment that would have actually stopped this going so far. She waits in the kennels for her forever home, she will also need an operation that will cost the rescue over £1500 and no one will take her on knowing she needs this done. We won’t let her down and will take care of her until that special home comes along

Shona is currently in kennels, she was a stray and once she did her 7 days then she came under GSDRs care. We know nothing about Shona’s past, we’ve even had to give her a name as she wasn’t microchipped. 

Shona is a very active dog, she’s approximately 2/3 year old and unknown if she is neutered. We’ve had to work on socialising Shona and although still a work in progress, she is definitely worth the effort. Shona is very vocal both to people and other dogs, although not in an aggressive way, seems she hasn’t had much exposure to everything outside so not sure if she ran off from somewhere or dumped, either way, no one came looking for her. 

She loves her doggy friends at the kennels, especially Bruno and will often go out walking with him. They have a giddy few minutes and I’m sure if they had the opportunity they would love a run about together. 

Shona will need an experienced owner, as they will need to put the time into training her, although I’m sure another male dog would be an added bonus as he would also be able to build on her confidence and show her the way. 

Come and meet her at the kennels, she will be vocal at first but will soon except you into her gang. Oh forgot to say, when she was at the vet's and being miss noisy, the vet got on the floor and she soon was on her back have tummy tickles.

More information
Gender:   Female
Age: 3
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Short
Neutered: Don't Know
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Dont Know
Good with children: Older children only
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