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Rolo finds himself looking for his 4th and final home. He has been sadly let down by his adopters. They knew what they were taking on and it would take time for this boy to settle and adjust. 2 weeks is not even enough time for this young man to unpack his bags let alone settle and trust.

Rolo is a big boisterous boy who was  being left for approximately 9 hours a day whilst the owners are at work. Not surprising he gets very bored and and seems to be a good natured boy who destroys anything that he can. His bed, kitchen cupboards, wall sockets and anything that he can find.

He is very eager to please, and seems to be an intelligent boy who desperately needs mental and physical stimulation. He is not an aggressive or “bad” dog. He is extremely friendly to people and will be excited to see dogs (even if they are not excited to see him). He will try and approach strangers in the street to receive strokes. His only let down is the grabbing of things.

Work will need to be done on his impulse control or should we say lack of. He will grab ANYTHING soft Coats, Scarves Socks Baggy PJ's the list goes on, generally when you are wearing them, as he does so he has the potential to nip (THIS IS NOT INTENTIONAL) but can be painful. He also likes to hump soft furnishings. His present owner has been working really hard on this but it is certainly NOT an overnight fix, It will need someone with time patience and experience.

He is well behaved on walks. Is pretty happy to walk to heel. Does get distracted by dogs but as long as he is given treats he will ignore them. Is friendly with dogs if given a good introduction (is fine with all the dogs at work). Other dogs do bark at him as he is so big. If he is diverted with scatter feeding or a trick he will ignore.

He is happy with cats in the home. As long as they don’t run he will just look at them from a distance

Rolo needs an active home with people who actually have time for him. People who can put the effort in to make him the dog he deserves to be. He really is such a wonderful boy and so loving with people BUT he isn't perfect and work will need to be done on his obsession with anything soft and fluffy.

If you can offer him his forever home please get in touch

More information
Gender:   Male
Age: 17 MONTHS
Color: Black
Coat: Short
Neutered: No
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Good with children: No
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