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Rocky - Wrexham

This gorgeous boy is Rocky who is a very large 3-year-old entire male.

When our volunteer called he was barking as he was in the utility room next to the kitchen so he could see her coming into the Kitchen. He continued to bark and hang over the stair gate, very excited. When he was brought through he was barking excitingly with his tail going. He took a treat from our volunteer very gently. He mouthed a lot and kept jumping up, although being repeatedly told to go down. 

Rocky is being left for long periods of time so he has a lot of pent up energy. It would appear that when he is left, the back door of the utility room is left open so that he can go into the garden as and when. There is also a shed with the little boy's toys and where the little boy plays. When he wants to he goes in there and lies on the small settee.

Due to work commitments, he is being left for sometimes 10 hours at a time. Rocky craves attention as he is not getting this due to working patterns.

He is a very strong dog who pulls a lot but calms down after about 15 minutes.  His owner says he takes him for a run 5 to 6 miles to try to run off his energy but this is not daily.

He is submissive towards other dogs but he is never allowed off the lead as they think he is too excitable and might knock someone over because of his size!!

After about 40 minutes he had calmed down totally and had stopped mouthing. He sat and gave his paw, taking a treat very gently.

It is very apparent that he is very fond of the little boy and follows him around everywhere.

Our volunteer asked if he was allowed into the lounge and was told they move all the ornaments and table when they let him in, but his area seemed to be the utility room.

The owners have recently moved house which has been a change and it appears the man next door has been aggravating him, which has made him bark and unsettle him. 

He gets fed in the morning, in the day and at night before bed which is 11 to 11.30pm which does not help the situation as he has not been able to run off his energy.

His owner advised me that the vet had said having him neutered would not make him any less excitable. 

He likes his toys and plays with his ball and shows no possession traits and there is no problem taking these off him. 

Rocky is a large strong energetic German shepherd dog who needs time spending on him and training so that he understands boundaries.

Can you offer this lovely boy a home where he will get the attention and exercise he desperately needs?

Rocky gorgeous big GSD

More information
Gender:   Male
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Semi
Neutered: No
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: No
Good with children: Yes
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