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Riley - Cambridgeshire

Gorgeous Riley

The first adjective used to describe this pup by our assessor was 'gorgeous'. He is certainly a looker, and he has a wonderful nature. He will welcome visitors, after introduction, and take treats gently. He has been brought up with children, including a toddler, and there is no aggression in him, whatsoever.

Having said all that, Riley is a pandemic pup, and he has lacked socialisation and training. He can be challenging to walk alone, but with an older bitch he calmed down and walked like a trained boy. This clearly indicates that his 'acting out' behaviours on walks are down to anxiety and a lack of experience rather than dominance. The vet report remarks that he is 'shy'. I would say that he is just an inexperienced pup. With training and further experience, he will blossom into a fine specimen of the breed. For now, he can be a bit of a hooligan, except with the confidence given to him by an older bitch.

In a new home Riley will 'try it on'. He will attempt to push boundaries and he has been known to growl. This is only the bravado of a cheeky boy though, not a full-blown attempt at dominance. Our assessor had him in her home for some time and even an inexperienced visitor told him to quit, and he responded to her. He can puppy mouth, as well. If he wants attention, he can grab hold of your arm - very gently. He has learned to be sensitive, living around young children. Riley has never bitten anyone, even with pack members that he could well see as 'beneath' him.

Riley is all potential. He needs an experienced owner (preferably someone with an older bitch) who can establish and maintain boundaries. He is about to become even more of a handful when his testosterone surge begins. He will be a challenge, but absolutely not, to an experienced owner. If you have recently lost your elderly, trained dog and you cannot remember what an ebullient youngster is like, please don't apply for Riley. He will be lively, and he will make puppy challenges, which at his age could seem daunting. Are you up for it?

Remember, he is assessed as 'gorgeous'.


More information
Gender:   Male
Age: Ten Months
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Semi
Neutered: No
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Dont Know
Good with children: Yes
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