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RANCHO – Cambridgeshire


I have never heard the like. The people who have met Rancho rave about this boy. Our kennels say that he is "the nicest GSD that has ever come to them". 

And here is the assessment of the dog warden.

"Rancho is super happy and friendly, who would greatly benefit from routine, exercise, and stimulation. Knows sit, paw, down and spin loves doing tricks for food. Little wary of close handling but well behaved and I’d say only because he doesn't know us. Has been known for chasing and jumping up at joggers and small dogs so would benefit from staying on the lead until trained but a super loveable sweet dog.

Has lived with no problems with a medium dog.

Just needs a GSD experienced home".

Both comments come from seasoned, doughty, professionals, not given to hyperbole. Our volunteer who walked him yesterday was literally almost bowled over by him. He greeted her, for the first time, by placing both hands on her shoulders and kissing her face! What a ravishing boy!

This is all the more to his credit as Rancho was brought to the warden by the police. A jogger made a complaint against him because he jumped up at him: no bite or anything . When the police investigated and assessed Rancho, they decided that he was a good boy in want only of care and training - and that was all. His owners declined to have him back - or were they persuaded? Everyone agrees that he just needs what every GSD needs - training and love, in judicious proportions.

Of course, Rancho should not have jumped up to kiss our volunteer. He also pulls on the lead. And we know that he can get excited by joggers or cyclists.  (Can't we all? They are pretty much my pet hates, as well) So, he is not well trained, in some respects, but he will do tricks upon command. He can be trained. That is the point that I am making. His walking manners are being addressed and he is responding already. He reacted to a dog barking at him on the way out of the kennels but ignored the same behaviour on the way back. Clever boy.

This "super loveable sweet dog" (professional assessment) is only in want of an experienced owner with leadership skills and lots of love to give him. Do you fit the bill?

More information
Gender:   Male
Age: Age 4
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Semi
Neutered: No
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Dont Know
Good with children: Dont Know
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