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Max - Prestatyn

Max is a 2-year-old unneutered male who has been passed around several owners none of who have given him the guidance that he needs as he is a strong-willed character.

He was purchased for £1500 from the NW yet was seriously underweight and continued to lose further weight initially probably due to anxiety. 

Max has been on an intense 5-week training course where he very much improved however his owners do not have the experience and cannot cope with him. The owner did say that Max was petrified of the trainer so may have been compliant out of fear.

The trainers state that Max’s problems stem from the fact that previous owners have spoilt him and that he had been allowed to rule the roost.

If you are firm with Max and show him leadership, his attitude changes completely.

If you allow him to, he pulls and lunges on the lead particularly at cars. Using a dogmatic collar he is much better and with patience and perseverance he will walk nicely and will sit down when told. On the training course, he stopped lunging at cars.

Max is not the sort of dog you could let off in public places so he may be better in a home with secure land or at least a very large garden.

He has been taught to wait for his food, he shows no aggression here.

Max is very protective of the house and doesn’t like strangers entering so this needs to be managed responsibly. If Max is taken out into the garden to meet visitors first, he is OK but he doesn’t like them entering the property if he is inside.

Max has been socialised whilst on his train course and he became settled in a pack of mixed breeds of dogs both small and large. We don’t know about cats.

When our volunteer went to assess Max, he came in not expecting to see her, went straight into her handbag then lunged at her. She suggested that they take him outside and that she would meet him out there and he was fine. He played with his ball and was happy about her entering the garden. She took him for a walk where there was no pulling or lunging as cars passed by. They did not meet any other dogs, unfortunately. 

Max is strong-willed and testing but once you know him he is quite a loving dog with limited people.

Max needs an experienced home without children where his owners will be strict, use common sense and leadership. Max does not cope with sudden change.

Max needs attention to keep him occupied but not too much affection.

Can you offer Max the guidance and support that he now needs?

Handsome Max

Max beautiful gsd looking for a new home

More information
Gender:   Male
Age: 2
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Short
Neutered: No
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Dont Know
Good with children: No
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