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Leo - Northamptonshire


Leo is lovely. He is a huge, sweet natured pup, and only wants his own human to guard and to love. He is sadly, currently in kennels, which do not suit him. He has benefitted from his experience and is noticeably calmer, than when he arrived and was stressed at being there. He has learned kennel rules and now walks on lead in an acceptable fashion. He sees all manner of livestock, as he lives on a farm. Off lead he would undoubtedly chase, but he has learned not to lunge now. He can and will respond to training.

The problem with Leo is that he is just uncontrollable, in a home setting. He has failed three rehoming attempts. People say that he is 'too much' for them. In one home he knocked both people over within the first hour. They could cope with him on walks, but Leo explodes in a home setting. He is just so joyful to be out of kennels that he can't control himself. He is a big boy and he takes some managing. He does jump up and he can 'puppy mouth' still. He loves to play with cushions, and he can be possessive over these, as he was about his food, when he first arrived. We are confident that he can be trained out of all these unwanted behaviours, given time. He now sits for his food and will wait until he is allowed to eat. He is receptive to training, but he is a dominant boy, as well as excitable. He will need a strong leader to give him house manners. Sadly, this cannot be done, in his present environment, due to family dogs. A kennel is no place for any young dog. Leo needs a home. He is yearning for one: that is the issue. He is too joyful to be away from kennels. He will need a very experienced and strong leader to cope with him in a home environment though: but Leo is so worth it. He is a loyal, affectionate and devoted boy, who is just yearning for his special human.

Are you capable of being this person? We are looking for a child, pet free and preferably rural or quiet suburban home. He will not do well in an urban setting. I cannot stress too much how 'full on' Leo is. This will change with training and familiarity, and time, but any owner must be both physically and mentally robust. Two rehoming opportunities failed within hours! This boy is a challenge but he would repay your giving him a chance. He has the capacity to be a very special dog, in the right hands.

More information
Gender:   Male
Age: 1 Year
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Short
Neutered: No
Good with other dogs: No
Good with cats: No
Good with children: No
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