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Marley - West Yorks

Marley has been in foster now for several months. Marley came into rescue due to a very traumatic event in his life and one we believe has had a huge impact on him. He is looking for a special forever home, but someone who does not feel sorry for him as he will take advantage, a home that will give him structure, boundaries and another balanced dog in the house who he can bond with. 
His future home will need to have several meets to get to know and understand him and of course for Marley to get to know them as last thing we want is to rush him. 
He’s doing amazing in his foster home and this is their feedback on him :
As Marley’s foster family we are a couple in our 40’s with a GSDR girl (nearly 4 years old) who we adopted 18 months ago and consider ourselves to be a quiet household. Initially Marley would cry/whimper anxiously at the stair gate whenever one of us would go upstairs and he would wake up crying/whimpering.... during the 2 months Marley has been with us we have seen his personality and confidence continue to develop. 
Marley is a happy, gentle, chilled-out lad who enjoys company. He always greets you with a good sniff and a tail wag and rarely barks. He much prefers to listen, watch and sniff! He loves attention being fussed on the face, chest and with tummy rubs. He does occasionally jump up but he knows it’s not accepted. He’s not destructive in the house and is left alone with our GSDR girl - longest being 5 hours. He does nudge things with his nose or uses his paw - whether it be his food bowl, a footstool or a door!
Marley does follow you around whether inside or outside but does eventually get comfortable by positioning himself where he can see you. He can open doors by jumping up at the handle if one of us goes outside but he does know it’s not accepted. Marley does know commands and is generally obedient if you are firm with him. He is housetrained and will go to the door - although it can be just because he wants to go outside! Marley does settle at night but tends to pace when he needs to go out to the toilet.
Marley loves picking toys out of the basket. Generally picking the heaviest toys to drop several times onto the floor to then lay down to chew on said toy and after all that excitement falls asleep! He does especially love his rope ball - swinging so it hits each side of his face!
Marley does get very anxious in the form of crying/whimpering. He needs someone to recognise & understand his anxiety in order to deal with these situations. There’s 3 main instances:
1 When going out of the house for a walk he  cry's/whimpers which does subside. He initially pulls on the lead but eventually settles, doesn’t respond to other dogs but is more wanting to meet them as friends.
2 Going out in the car his crying/whimpering anxiety is heightened whereby he wants to be in, then he wants to be out & then wants to be in again. He does eventually lay down after circling around but the crying/whimpering does continue.
3 When one of us leaves the house he  cry’s/whimpers. This can be short lived whereby he can be distracted by a toy, a treat or by going outside.
Our GSDR girl is still very playful to the extent of pestering Marley. We have reigned in her pestering as Marley is not always wanting to partake so this is something that needs to be kept in check with any other dogs in the household.... although Marley is more than happy to play & run around with our girl he will make it known if he’s had enough!
Marley would benefit from someone who is confident and comfortable with a large dog as he does have the physique of the Bernese. And of course someone who is understanding to help with his anxiety.
More information
Gender:   Male
Age: 6
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Short
Neutered: No
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Dont Know
Good with children: Older children only
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