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Lola – Suffolk

Lovely Lola

This poor girl has not had the best start in life but, thankfully, she is still a 'lovely' girl. She was 'rescued' at one point in her young life, until her owners at that time, moved to new accommodation where dogs are not allowed. She was then given into the care of another family member, who is experienced with dogs but is eighty years of age. He describes her as a 'lively, loving, pup'. Even though she is a Malinois and he is eighty, he says that she is fine in the house and is easy to manage. Naturally, at his age, he finds exercising her too much for him. Well, no surprise there then. I also referred to Lola as lovely because she is a fine example of the breed. She is pretty in a sort of butch way and is obviously very well bred.

We were not able to do a full home check because of her circumstances. When our assessors met Lola, they were joined outside by her previous owners and so in all there were five adults present. Lola was naturally excited to be going out and then, more so, to meet her old owners, and showed this by jumping up and leaping around. Our assessors were impressed that she settled down very quickly and then calmed down enough to begin a walk. She is basically a sensible girl.

This walk proved to be, by no means, the tussle that could have been expected. Although rural, the gentleman lives on a main road and so Lola is quite used to traffic. She showed no interest in this and, after initially trying to play with the lead, settled down very well. Her owners say that she is good with other dogs, but not cats. She has never met children so we would only consider child free homes for her, or where there was a very dog aware teenager. Nothing about her sweet behaviour indicated that she would not get along with young people.

Obviously, covid has not helped, but due to her disturbed life history as well, Lola has not had the socialisation or training that all dogs need. Despite this, she clearly is very gentle and good natured and does not show dominance characteristics. Her current owner is experienced, and we are confident from her basically calm behaviour that she has been well handled, apart from exercise, in her current home.

Any Malinois relishes activity of any kind. Lola would suit an experienced competitive home. Adopting her would offer a unique opportunity to acquire an elite dog, who is also capable of being a wonderful family member. She would reward you amply with kisses and cuddles.

More information
Gender:   Female
Age: One year old
Color: Other
Coat: Short
Neutered: No
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: No
Good with children: Dont Know
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