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Kaiser - Neath

Kaiser - Neath

Kaiser is a lovely one-year-old male dog (quite thin, but long), living in a small first floor flat.

Kaiser was vocal on my arrival, barking and did show teeth, but tail wagging throughout. He jumped up and continued to bark when I entered, but playful. He did mouth, but not tighten up. The owner shouted no but then gave him dog nibble so Kaiser will think he is being rewarded for what was ultimately poor behaviour.

The constant demand to play, for affection and attention continued throughout the volunteer's visit (approx 45 minutes), Kaiser being vocal throughout, and jumping up at every opportunity. He is a young, affectionate dog who is strong, and with a lot of energy, but equally in need of rapid and persistent training, as he gives the impression of aggression, while actually wanting to play. Someone unfamiliar with GSD behaviour would probably be frightened so we think he would be best where there are no small children either present or who visit. Older teenagers or preferably adult only households recommended.

The owner has had Kaiser since he was a pup, but is seeking to re-home him as he has been diagnosed with heart problems, and can no longer control him. He also has two newborn grandchildren, and his daughter refuses to visit, because of Kaiser's unruly behaviour.

The owner states that he has had GSD's before, but also states that Kaiser has been to obedience classes. If the latter is true, these have not been followed through, as whilst Kaiser gushes potential to be an outstanding dog, he needs immediate intervention to calm his behaviour, and improve obedience.  

Kaiser is so eager to please, but could not sustain the good behaviour before again wanting to play. He is full of energy, and we don't think that he is not being adequately exercised, which may be contributing to his over-exuberance. We suspect he is shut away rather than persistence with training being followed, and that this may have been a pattern for some time, hence constant demand for affection/attention and poor behaviour the easiest way to get that.

Kaiser is said to be left occasionally, but the signs are that he may be left longer on occasion. The residence where he lives is wholly unsuitable for a GSD.

Kaiser will be an outstanding dog in the hands of an experienced German Shep owner, with large garden, where he can get plenty of exercise and attention. His quickness to respond to instructions from the volunteer (albeit needing to be followed up with persistence) would suggest he will train up well in due course. Crying out to be tried at agility! He is said to be a fussy eater and is fed fresh chicken and pasta. The quantity of chicken seen was small for a GSD. Kaiser is quite thin (but not dangerously), and we would recommend a change of diet asap.

Beyond being vocal and his over-exuberant demand for attention, Kaiser does mouth, but in play, and does not tighten. He was apparently kicked by a horse as a pup and said to be wary of horses. He is said to be lively, and difficult to control on the lead, in particular when other dogs are around when again, he is vocal. He has not been socialised by the sounds of things, but if approached correctly, this would not be a problem.....he is a playful dog, and once learning to play with other dogs, he would be fine.

Whoever takes Kaiser on will need to invest significant time, and be consistent in training him up in basic behaviour, but will after that have an absolute peach of a dog. I saw no evidence of aggression, even when I took a firm hand with him to stop him jumping up.

Have you got the time to bring Kaiser on?

A dog with huge potential

A young german shepherd dog with huge potential

More information
Gender:   Male
Age: 1
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Short
Neutered: No
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Dont Know
Good with children: Older children only
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