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Jude - North Somerset

1/10/19 - UPDATE from owner:

We have continued to work on Jude’s reactivity with the advice of a trainer. I can now walk him on the school run and he no longer reacts to children, bikes, scooters or runners. He remains lead reactive with other dogs but with a ’sit’ and ‘wait’ and a little distraction with sausage he will allow other dogs to walk past. We are not able to walk past other dogs yet, but he only barks once and doesn’t lunge much now. He will settle outside a cafe with other dogs if they are already settled.
At home we were advised to create more space for him so with it being the summer we have had the door open and he spends a considerable amount of time under the trampoline in the garden when the kids are home (the furthest point in the garden). So his reactivity at home has stopped, but going into winter finding him a hideaway is a lot more difficult. We still cannot have other children to the house and don’t have a room to put him where he can’t see the children, he still becomes extremely agitated, but adults in the house are fine. When the kids are at school he is a different dog, affectionate, follows me everywhere and lays at my feet when I’m cooking. We cannot take him to the busy places that the kids enjoy (park, beaches etc) as his reactivity just escalates to unmanageable, so he has been in kennels 6 times this summer. For example, my son had a sleepover for his birthday so he had to go into kennels for the night, as he would not have coped with 5 kids in the house. He is OK in kennels but this is not what I want for him, its too disruptive and put be having an impact on his reactivity.

Jude is bright as a button and loves to work and to please, but he needs a quiet environment with predictable walks and routine. He is left for up to 5 hours a day and we have no destructive behaviour at all, he doesn’t steal food from the table even if I leave the room, and he is very chilled at home when it is quiet. He would be a wonderful companion for an experienced hand who can give him the confidence he needs when out, and the peace he needs at home.

Jude is a gorgeous 18mth old GSD boy who is castrated. 

In the house, Jude is well behaved, he is well trained and focusses well when given commands. 

Jude is fine with larger dogs but not good with small ones and he doesn't like cats. He has pinned down small dogs that have rushed him when he has been out off the lead.

Jude has basic training and socialising. Off lead, his recall is good unless there are other dogs around.

He is boisterous when's excited but soon settles.

Jude is nervous and cowers when he has to go to the vets. 

Jude loves his ball but will not give it up if other dogs are around and can be a bit possessive of it although not with humans only other dogs. 

His fear of the unpredictable holds him back, so Jude would be best suited in a home with no children and someone who is willing to keep his body and mind active.

His owner has done more than most in terms of getting help and training but it's the fear of children that is causing him to be rehomed as there are 2 children in the home and the owner has to keep them separate. Jude simply does not like the noise and unpredictability of small young children.

He is increasingly spending time alone as he can no longer go on family outings. The owners parents their back up 'dog care' but now they no longer feel able to manage him. 

We think he could be a wonderful dog for a couple without children, possibly with other shepherds.

Can you offer this lovely boy a home and help build his confidence?

Isn't he a stunner?

Young GSD Jude looking for a new home

More information
Gender:   Male
Age: 18mths
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Short
Neutered: Yes
Good with other dogs: Yes but not small dogs
Good with cats: No
Good with children: No
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