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Hugo - West Yorks

Hugo is a typical young GSD X in that everything is about ‘high octane’ play fighting and so he needs constant guidance on the rules of engagement. So if he is to live with another dog without terrorising that dog, he needs a confident and controlled older dog to remind him from time to time of the rules without getting into a fight with him, as this in time will cause aggression rather than acceptance. 
Hugo also needs a home that’s already living an active lifestyle and want a dog to join them in their adventures, whether this is on long walks in the country or getting involved in fun dog sports, as he needs stimulating in a constructive manner, not simply being taken to the park to run riot twice a day, as he WILL soon take over if simply allowed to do his own thing. 
He is a fun loving crazy boy with a great temperament that needs strict rules and boundaries to keep him grounded and prevent him from going off the rails, and is not suited to a family that simply want to love him into a nice dog, he will soon take advantage of that sort of environment and will need lots of committed time put into raising him to be the great companion he is capable of being. Hugo likes his crate and sleeps peacefully in it at night, he is house trained in that he will not go to the toilet in the house if given regular toilet trips outside, and is clean in his crate overnight. He is still mischievous and inquisitive and so cannot be left to wonder free around the house without full supervision. Hugo travels well with no car sickness, he walks well on a leash and has good owner focus and recall. 
For the right home and family, Hugo will be a joy to have if you put the time in to raise him correctly, he is by no means a finished product and so, commitment truly is the key for this dog to be a pleasure to have.
January :
Hugo is a (approx) 5 month old German Shepherd cross Belgian Malanois. He has a lovely temprement with people he's always excited when somebody comes into the house, typical excited puppy  and wants to say hello to everyone. 
When meeting other dogs he can be a bit apprehensive at first, very vocal when first meeting them but soon calms down when he is introduced and wants to play. Hugo still nips like any puppy but I'm sure this will stop as he gets older. 
He's very intelligent and learns commands extremely easily. He's toilet trained and not had any accidents in the home. He is crate trained and does sleep in there on a night.
Hugo walks well on the lead but does like to jump up and bite the lead, has good recall so far whilst walking off the lead. Hugo can be slightly snappy when given treats.
He gets on well living with other dogs as he is currently living with one in his foster home and I think would benefit from an active household and another dog to keep him busy as he loves playing. Although he needs a dog that matches his energy levels otherwise I’m sure will torment until he gets his own way.
Hugo is not a dog to be sitting around doing nothing and needs regular attention and stimulation but has lots of love to give and just wants to please.
So if your up for a challenge then Hugo could be the addition to your family that you are looking for. 
More information
Gender:   Male
Age: 9 months
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Short
Neutered: No
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Dont Know
Good with children: Older children only
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