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Zak - Hereford

Well, what a story we have to tell behind how this lovely boy came into rescue.

On Saturday 20th April 2019 Zak was sold to a pensioner in Birmingham for the princely sum of £1000 CASH by an unscrupulous individual called Bob Metcalfe who acquires dogs, usually from rescue centres or internet sites such as Freeads, then sells them on as personal protection dogs for vast sums of money.

The buyer responded to an advert on Freeads stating that Zak was 2 years old and trained for personal protection. Within less than 24 hours Zak was signed over to GSDR because the buyer couldn't cope with him as he was too bouncy and she had a bitch in heat!!

Unfortunately, Mr Metcalfe didn't bother to check his microchip which we did as soon as he came into our care. He was still registered to the previous owner who we contacted immediately.

Zak is actually 4 years old not 2 and his previous owner only rehomed him about 4 weeks prior so it's unlikely that he had been in the care of Bob Metcalfe from Personal Protection Dogs more than a week or so.

Zak was brought up from the age of 8 weeks with children under 10 and lived as a family pet until very recently.

His previous owner confirmed as we suspected that he comes from working lines, his parents were Czech imports.

Zak doesn't seem to have much training although he learns fast - he certainly has no personal protection training! We believe that he may have lived outside and not in the house. 

Zak is a lovely boy, friendly with people of all ages and seems OK with other dogs as long as they don't challenge him. He certainly likes female dogs.

He is a very aloof dog that doesn't bond strongly and he is quite happy with his own company. He is not attention-seeking, he's not a cuddly dog and he is also very quiet for a GSD.

He has now been neutered and behaved impeccably at the vets even when faced with yappy dogs in the waiting room. The staff commented just how well he behaved. A really lovely boy who deserves to find his forever home.

Zak pulls on the lead so we have been walking him on a Dogmatic head collar and he will walk reasonably well on this although he is a strong lad. His recall is not great.

When he came into our care he was underweight and his coat was a mess plus he smelt terrible but he is now up to his ideal weight and looking good. 

Zak is very food orientated but not aggressive, he just barks like mad until you put the bowl of food down for him then gulps it down as if he has never been fed before.

Zak has all the makings of a great dog but his new owner will need to take him back to basics with his training.

We think the ideal home would be with younger people with plenty of time to give Zak what he deserves.  

Please do not apply to adopt Zak unless you are committed to putting some effort in with his training and exercise. You won't be disappointed if you are prepared to make that effort but this dog is not for the couch potato and he would run rings around a less experienced owner.

He couldn't have been a more unsuitable dog for a pensioner!

Zak is a very handsome boy as you can see.

GSD from Czech working lines needs a home

More information
Gender:   Male
Age: 4
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Short
Neutered: No
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Dont Know
Good with children: Yes
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