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Gunner - Cheshire

Here we have another youngster that was purchased in lockdown and although a loving family dog in the home, hasn't adjusted to the outside world too well. Gunner is 1 year 8 months old, purchased at 10 weeks and missed those vital first few months of socialisation with other dogs. Although his owner has tried with the help of a behaviourist to correct Gunner's worries, we all know, training is a long road. Our volunteer  met a bouncy stunning looking boy, eager to sniff her out and find out where those sausages were! He was taken out and although no one was really around it was apparent that Gunner felt uneasy and not too settled out on the road and we know he is reactive to a lot of things and can get startled. All of the above can be corrected, there are training notes for new adopters to follow. If you are an experieced handler and have the necessary home check in place then please ask your co ordinator for more information about Gunner.

Update from owner 2022 ..

Gunner has been on your site a while with no real interest. I understand no one wants to take on a dog with challenging behaviour and that there are hundreds more with fewer issues, but I have to hope someone will give him the quiet life he needs and deserves. Although he is very reactive outside of his bubble, he is brilliant when in the home or he has plenty of space. I think we have to accept he will always be nervous, it is in his genes.

Gunner knows plenty of commands, walks well on the lead and if in a secure field with no other distractions is happy to play.he loves water, whether its a paddling pool, the river or by the sea.  It isnt advise to play fetch with Gunner due to his high prey drive, trainer has advised to play using scent methods to stimulate mental activity with Gunner. He loves to "Go Fetch" when you've hidden items.

With careful introduction he is now happy around my families two small dogs and he happily lives with a cat. 

Outside is where Gunner is more nervous and truly needs to find a quieter environment  as he gets overwhelmed & over stimulated especially with motorbikes and noisy traffic.  

 At his best Gunner is such a sweet boy, he loves a cuddle on the sofa, dumping his big head on your lap or shoulder.  He is so good at home, he loves playing with his toys. He is a smart boy who listens to every word you say and knows a lot of words by heart. He loves going out for walks, sniffing everything and doing zoomies in the fields.Yes he’s nervous and reactive but, I do think anyone who loves to train and wants a special bond, will fall in love with this boy. He just needs a quieter life.



More information
Gender:   Male
Age: 1 year 8 months old
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Short
Neutered: Yes
Good with other dogs: No
Good with cats: Yes
Good with children: No
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