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German Shepherd Dogs NE

German Shepherd Dogs in the north east looking for homes

Some of these dogs may no longer be available. Please go to our North East Dogs database

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tyler beautiful reddish brown gsd

Here is another unwanted boy, came to us from the pound his days being up. The kennels say that he is a nice boy , shows no signs of aggression to man or dog. When picked up from pound travelled well greeted volunteers with waggy tail and was pleased to see them. Another volunteer who took photo said he has walked him with other dogs and he was fine. He is not tall on his legs very sturdy and a beautiful rich red in colour quite striking.


sasha pretty gsd

Sasha is a 4 years old bitch currently living in foster care with one of our volunteers due to her owners home being repossessed. Prior to that she was brought up in a family environment which included two young children and another dog. Her commands are basic but she is a very bright young girl who loves to please, she has shown no aggression and is fine when left on her own. When out on walks she is good on the lead and has met other dogs in the correct manner.


jay german shepherd with deformed foot

This is Jay she was brought to our kennels from the pound, she is a very friendly girl in need of a groom. She travelled well. But once we got her into the kennels the staff noticed she was holding up her foot we have had her to a vet and she has 3 toes on one pad this is a deformity and vet not seen anything like it. She is also very stressed in the kennels so we would love to get her out into a home of her own or a foster.She is fine with other dogs.


razz gsd abandoned at the pound

This boy is 7 years old and was handed in at the pound by a lady who found him straying. The owner was traced said she had sold him and didn't want to know. He is a very sweet boy, very friendly, seemed ok weight wise just a little thin round the middle, teeth grotty possibly with age and no dental hygiene. His coat was quite wiry,  temperament seemed ok. Volunteer got him out of his kennel without anyone with her and he was fine . No signs of aggression at all, walked ok no toeing in or out although he was a little bit low at back end. Great on lead just pulled a little but nothing major. He does have cuts on his nose where he is damaging it at the front of the kennel. When volunteer left him, he rubbed his nose up the door and made it bleed again. A really nice boy.


minnie older german shepherd looking for a home

Minnie is 9 years old and came to the rescue as her owners were moving abroad. She had been living in outdoor kennels with their 12 year old male GSD and had never been off their 1/4 acre of land in the 7 years they'd had her and didn't even have a lead as she hadn't been for walks. She travelled well in the car considering she hadn't been in one for a long time although is reluctant to get in one at first. She's currently in foster with 2 young male GSD's who are a bit too energetic for her so she would be more suited to living with an older dog but could still live happily with younger ones. She does have arthritis in her back legs and currently has a limp which is being treated. She had never been to the vets before and was extremely good while the vet was examining her. She has had limited socialisation with other dogs but since being here has met a lot of different dogs and has handled it very well, only giving a slight snarl if a dog gets too boisterous. She's also living with 4 cats with no problems and has previously been around young children. She's a wonderful sweet old girl who loves a fuss and going for walks. She needs short walks due to her legs and walks well on a lead. Ideally suited to someone who wants a lovely companion and has some land for her to wander and watch but who will also take her for short walks. It will be very hard to see her go as she's slotted in so well in such a short time but we feel that she deserves more space and freedom.


diesel saved from the pound

This is Diesel picked up from pound in Sheffield we know very little about him. We age 18 months maybe 2 yrs He is very underweight, very strong on lead. A little jumpy but is settling, after all this poor lad doesn't know what is happening to him. I will up date any changes on him. Maybe an adult home as he maybe a little boisterous around young children


maisie white german shepherd

Maisie is 2-3 yrs of age she is un spayed. maisie is good with children of all ages the only thing she may do is knock very young children over. She is fine with other dogs & cats . She is currently living with many dogs of all breeds including GSD's She walks well on lead and has very good recall. Maisie came to present owner to be trained as she had bitten, and was protective of her home. She ended up staying 2 yrs, she is now fine, but owner says with the dogs that she already has Maisie would be best in a home of her own.


king the young gsd

King was picked up and taken to Hull Council Pound we were called and he has been in foster care since. We have had King to vets and this is what his Foster Mum has to say.
King is a lovely, lively 18 month old entire male. He's a big boy that loves to play. Unfortunately, King has a problem with his back legs, which means that he walks awkwardly and can be rather clumsy. His problem is not causing him any pain and he runs around with my two GSD's all day long. He does not need any medication for his problem but we do not know exactly what the future will hold for him, whether he will degenerate quickly or whether he will happily have many years being a bit 'wobbly'. To find this out would mean an expensive MRI scan, but vets have said that there is no problems with his hips, it is a neurological condition that he has. He is house trained and will sit and go to his bed when asked, he needs work on the lead and although he comes to his name, recall when there are lots of distractions, can be a bit hit and miss. He was very thin when we picked him up off the streets of Hull but is now starting to put on weight. He loves to carry a ball with him wherever he goes. He is good with other dogs although I think he would benefit from being an only dog where he could get lots of attention and all the cuddles he needs. He really is a super dog that deserves a good, understanding home with someone that is prepared to put in a little time. We have all got very attached to him and his lovely, cheeky character and would like to see him settled with a forever family. There! It is really quite difficult to sum him up in so few words as he has plenty of good qualities that overshadow his problems.

Storm and Eisha

black and white german shepherds

These 2 beautiful dogs have come into rescue through no fault of there own. Their owners have split and wife is now living with family and can no longer keep the dogs. Owner is very upset at the situation and would not have given them up but she has no home of her own. We would like these 2 to go together but we all know this will be hard.
Storm white long coated neutered male. he is 4 yrs old he is not sure of children he was teased by them when he was younger he has never shown any aggression, so we are guessing in the right home he should be fine.He does bark at strangers but this is fear once he has meet you all he wants is a fuss. He is used to sleeping on owners bed!!!
 Eisha. black long coated spayed bitch she is 8 yrs of age. again she does fear barking gets very excited. both these dogs will need time to adjust. They are both now in kennels and are doing fine. Both like to be groomed not keen on the bath. Eisha too likes to sleep on owners BED!!!!! Eisha reacted badly to anaesthetic when she had a lump removed so vet says must check before any surgery. Not that we think she is in need of any.


amber semi coated german shepherd

This girl is 6 yrs of age she is spayed she is semi coated. Amber is fine with young children she lives with the owners 1 yr old grandson .Amber is a little scared of other dogs as she was attacked by 2 dogs sometime ago.We are not sure about cats as she has never been in contact with them.She currently lives with another GSD Harriet. She travels well owners use a crate. Amber appears to be a very nice girl she is ok both on and off lead. Owners parting due to ill health.


harriet very dark coloured gsd

The girl is 5 yrs of age. she is entire she is very dark black/tan long coat. again she is good around children lives with 1 yr old she also lives happily with Amber. Harriet barks at other dogs so sounds as though she is more forward than Amber. She is good on recall and walks fine on lead. She is a little food aggressive towards Amber if Amber goes near her food but shares water bowl ok.


monty gsd with muscle wasting

2 year old fantastically calm boy. With lovely happy nature. Unfortunately has muscle wasting disease – which is under veterinary treatment at present – the condition leaves him unable to climb stairs and slightly wobbly on his legs. Not good with cats. Would suit a calm gentle home environment where he can get the attention he so desperately needs. Monty is currently being looked after by Rain Rescue. For more information on Monty please contact dogs@rainrescue.co.uk


ash gsd husky cross

This boy is 7 yrs of age he is neutered he is vaccinated till May 2011 he lives with another dog. He is living with cats but this is the problem he doesn't get on with them. He has gone for the dog next door, through the fence so now when out walking Ash he is muzzled. Our volunteer had this to say about Ash. Ash has a fabulous coat and his a very nice looking dog. he is maybe crossed with either an Akita or Husky. He is very friendly and likes to jump up to greet you. For this reason we would say children over 12 yrs. Volunteer took him for a walk without muzzle no problem although didn't meet any dogs. He does pull on the lead but when told stopped. Ash will sit, down and give a paw.Ash adores his owners and the female dog he lives with.So if you think you could adopt Ash please don't hesitate this boy needs a firm owner and volunteer thinks he will be fine.

Debo - Bradford

debo gsd

Volunteer says: Debo lacks socialisation with people & dogs. when introduced to Ash (our boy) he showed signs of aggression, although when walking together he seemed to calm down. He went to attack Ash on a number of occasions, Ash soon showed him who the boss was (good lad).This shows he can be ok with the correct guidance. Upon entering the house he barked continually at me & shirley. I can see potential but this will only come from a firm handler with experience of the breed & introducing him to lots of different scenarios. & lots of socialisation. He is a big strong boy so pulls on lead. good off lead without the distraction of other dogs. This boy needs plenty of exercise & grooming as he is not being looked after.We would recommend that no small children as he is a very big lad.


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"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."

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Please help us by making a donation so that we can help re home more unwanted German Shepherd Dogs. Donations can be sent to Jayne Shenstone, German Shepherd Rescue, Little Vauld, Marden Hereford HR1 3HA. Thank you.