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Esme - South Yorks

GSDR Esme is looking for her forever home. She is 5 years coming up 6 and spayed. 
She is such a loving girl who adores the people. She loves to be with you and will happily snuggle up on the sofa for a long cuddle. Despite loving company she is ok to be left alone, does not suffer with separation anxiety and isn't destructive. She lives with kids aged 12 and 14 and adores them.

Esme is a very active dog that strives to please. She is very energetic and will need someone who is very active and has the time to exercise her. She will run for hours and can scale high walls and fences of around 7ft with ease. She will need a secure garden to play in 

She is very intelligent and works problems out. This includes how to open all doors, dog and baby gates! She is a great escape artist and robust security will need to be in place to stop her getting where you don't want her. With time and effort she could be trained to do all manner of different activities, including scent work and agility. 

Esme does love her toys but she can work her way through them very quickly unless they are very very tough. She can destroy a toy in minutes. 

She has been living with our 8 other dogs. She gets on well with all of them but is quite bossy. If a dog reacts back to her negatively then she responds the same. She has had scraps with one of our females when both have got overexcited, so she would be better with a male or a submissive female, that can handle her running round and wanting to play. 

She has been raw fed and loves her food. She will sit and wait for her food until you tell her she can get it. She will work for treats very well.

She can be dog reactive initially but does well once she has greeted the other dog correctly. She isn't very good with small dogs at all and we don't allow her near one unmuzzled. She has bitten a small dog before and probably would do again.

She has a very high prey drive so you would have to stay alert with her. She doesn't like cats at all and would likely go for something small such as a cat. 

For some one who loves walking or running, and wants a companion, she would be your best friend. She'd love to spend her day actively with you and then snuggle up with you on a evening. Esme deserves a fantastic home with someone who understands her activity levels and needs. She is incredibly loyal, loving and would make a great working dog.

More information
Gender:   Female
Age: 5
Color: Black
Coat: Short
Neutered: Yes
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: No
Good with children: Yes
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