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This big handsome chap is Dylan who is a 4-year-old Caucasian Ovcharka or Caucasian Shepherd Dog.

Dylan's story is a very unusual and a very sad one so we have changed his name to protect his family.

Dylan was bought as a puppy by a family who had young children including a very young baby, who Dylan adored and he lived with other dogs. Although we can't publish the pictures, we have seen him with the children and he was a very much loved family pet.

Then tragedy struck and Dylan's family's life along with his changed forever. His owner was brutally murdered in 2015 after which it was thought that it best to let Dylan go off with a friend whilst the family tried to cope with what had happened. This was not a positive outcome for Dylan who spent the best part of a year tied up and sleeping in a car!! Finally, he was abandoned and ended up in the dog pound where he was at risk because of his breed. He was not microchipped so he must be a UK born dog.

GSDR were able to secure his release thanks to his original family and he has now been in kennels with us since December 2016.

Dylan is a typical Caucasian Shepherd in that he has strong guarding instincts, he also has food aggression which his new owner needs to be aware of. Whilst at the pound he behaved like a gentleman, they had no issues with him.

Whilst this is not the dog for everyone, they are a wonderful breed but need responsible owners. The best type of home for Dylan would be a rural home with either secure land or a very large secure garden. Caucasians do like being outside so we would consider a home with an outdoor kennel with a large secure run to help Dylan settle and where he could be contained to be fed.

Although he has lived with other dogs, he has not had any contact with any other dogs whilst in kennels. He may be OK with a female. We don't know about cats

Dylan is fine with most people except some men. He is particularly fond of a young lad that helps out at the kennels in Newport.

This is a relatively new breed to the UK and one which is being exploited. If you are experienced with large guarding breeds and would like to adopt Dylan, please can you fill out an adoption form.

The founder of the rescue currently has 3 Caucasians and is happy to advise any potential adopter on the pros and cons of owning one of these magnificent dogs.

Further information on the Caucasian Shepherd Dog.

These pictures were taken last November whilst Dylan was in the pound.

That beautiful long coat will need lots of attention.

That beautiful long coat will need lots of attention.

Dylan looks very sad there, he must be so confused.

More information
Gender:   Male
Age: 4
Color: Other
Coat: Long
Neutered: No
Good with other dogs: Only Females
Good with cats: Dont Know
Good with children: Yes
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