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Duke GSD Advertised For 20 Pounds

Duke - Another example of our throw away society!

Meet Duke, a poor dog advertised on a free ads site with the words..”£20 must go today”! As most of us at the rescue regularly trawl these sort of sites for poor German Shepherds thrown away like this, one of our volunteers spotted it and sent it to the nearest coordinator.
The best £20 I have ever spent…….GSDR Volunteer

One of Centrals fantastic volunteers had also seen the ad and asked if she collected him could someone house him for the night and that’s how it went on.

The volunteer turned up at a filthy flat in a very rough area to be greeted by something that told her to wait there, promptly fetched the dog thrust the lead into her hand and demanded his £20 and then shut the door! This is where Duke’s life began!!!

This is the handsome Duke

duke gsd advertised for £20

Catching his breath after a good old trot round.

He arrived to be welcomed by 6 GSD’s, a JRT and 2 cats to which he had a sniff at them all and laid down for a kip. He was alive with flea’s and had quite severe hair loss and open sores from the fleas which he had obviously had for some time. He was flea treated immediately so we all didn’t get them and then settled him in for the night. They had said he was 5 but he looked more like 8 bless him, what a real gent he was. The next day he met the horses and had a really good run off lead dogs' the fields with his new found friends and he loved it.

After spending only a limited time with him we already had a foster mom in mind for him, just needed to check he was 200% cat proof and then pack his case and away he could go.

As you can see he was 1000%in every way so 2 days after arriving he went off with his new mom and is now living the life of luxury this gorgeous old boy so deserves!!

Duke chasing bunnies with Max

duke the gsd meets max another foster dog

Max my other foster dog showing him the best place to sniff out those pesky rabbits.

Duke meets Olly Murrs

duke meets olly murrs

Naughty Mr. Murrs showing him how to get a head start on mummy for a better time!!

duke and tiny the jack russell

Seen the garden, not much happening in there!!

duke playing with his new friends

C'mon you young ones i'm beating you back to the house!!

duke having fun running with the other german shepherds

Done it.....gate shut and I'm the winner!!

Duke was one of the lucky ones, many, many other dogs are advertised in the same way many free to good homes but they never see a good home and far too many of them end up dead or worse. Please if you ever see one and can help yourself or alert someone else to the poor dogs plight please do as you can see it's well worth it!!

Duke is a lucky dog, many others will not be so fortunate.........!

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Please help support the rescue
Please help us by making a donation so that we can help re home more unwanted German Shepherd Dogs. Donations can be sent to Jayne Shenstone, German Shepherd Rescue, Little Vauld, Marden Hereford HR1 3HA. Thank you.