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Cesar - Swindon

From the staff at the kennels:

Cesar is coming up to 5 years old and has still got a lot of learning to do.

Cesar is a great dog and is willing to learn for some treats. He likes a good fussing and loves buttscratches! He can be a very loving boy, but needs to learn boundaries, as he doesn't understand them and just thinks anything and everything is his.

Cesar has been known for being food aggressive, he was in a home and unfortunately came back, as he jumped onto the kitchen work surface whilst food was being made, he was pushed down off the side and with that, he did snap. He thinks he rules the roost.

He will need someone who won't show fear to him (otherwise he will own you) and someone who will show him who's in charge and put him back in his place.

He is starting to learn some manners here with us but with all the other dogs in our care we can't focus all of our time on him unfortunately and he needs a lot of time. We have now got him to sit down and wait patiently for his food at mealtimes, as he had a habit of jumping up and snatching the food out the bowl that's in your hand, but he is slowly learning he's not getting it until he sits and waits...so far..success!

When Ceasar is stressed he does tend to gnaw on things, his old kennel door was completely chewed to pieces, and we found that if we leave an empty food bowl in there he is much happier carrying that around and less destructive (and also saves his teeth, all his teeth have ground down to little nubs where he just chewed everything all the time..even got through metal sheeting around his bedroom hatch!!) 

Cesar can also be very impatient when he wants to be, if we are sat with him training him to sit, he often ignores your command and end up jumping up at you and growling and snatching out of your hand because he just can't be bothered to do as he's told and sit, he just wants the treat! Saying this, he has not done this in months so I think we've got him past that stage now but I thought I'd mention it just to make sure I've covered everything.

All these points make him sound like a nasty dog but he really isn't, he deep down is a big soppy bugger who just wants to be your friend and give kisses!!

Cesar is very protective of toys and everything that you give him permission to have, such as giving him a toy, know that you will not be able to get it back, once it's his, he will protect it like its a baby and will bite if he senses you wanting to take it away. We have tried ‘swapping’ and trading for his toys and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't so the potential adopter would need to be someone who has the time to work with him on this, but he will no doubt drop anything for a bowl of food! 

Cesar will need to go to a cat-free and dog free home. He really isn't a fan of any other animal. Regarding children, I would personally say 16+, just as its quite hard to know what his boundaries are and wouldn't want him snapping at a child because the child picked up one of their toys around him and him thinking it was his? 

Cesar is awesome walking on the lead, he never pulls, always checks your not far behind, and does come back to his name! I have found he walks better on a retractable lead, but everyone has their own preferences I guess. It is a different story when you come across another walking dog, and he can be difficult to hold back at times, but I do try to distract him with treats that are worth his attention (chicken is normally his favourite).

When he sees other people out and about he does get the grump on a little, but he's never made a wrong move towards someone out in public with us, I think it's just a warning from him to them, but he is generally okay with all people and will take treats off anyone! Just a little grumble and he's back to his happy normal self! He reminds me of a grumpy old man at times haha! 

Cesar really deserves a home now.

Cesar handsome GSD looking for a new home


More information
Gender:   Male
Age: 4 years
Color: Other
Coat: Short
Neutered: Yes
Good with other dogs: Only Females
Good with cats: No
Good with children: Older children only
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