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Buddy looks to be a GSD X but this is not mentioned oon his assessment. He is a short Haired boy who is vaccinated and microchipped but still entire.

He is sadly looking for a new home as his owners are living in a flat with a very yung baby abd they don't trust Buddy with the baby. They feel he needs more training than they can give him.

The owner says that Buddy is over protective of the home and doesn't like visitors. They live on the first floor and do not have a garden. Even when people knock on neighbouors doors Buddy acts "aggressively" . Buddy has acted out of character with the baby and is no longer allowed near him. The problem we are facing is that Buddy has learnt to jump the baby gates put up to separate and this has made the family very anxious.

The volunteer was asked to meet Buddy out of the home. She walked slowly to his side and fed hi  treats which he responded very well to . Buddy saw 2 dogs on the other side of the road and although alert did not react tho them. The owner let Buddy off in the park and he never left their side as he is ball obsessed. The voluteer threw his balls ams fed him treats and at no point did she feel uncomfortable around him. 

When they arrived back at the flat the volunteer asked that Buddy be kept on a lead. She gave him some treats and threw him a couple once she had sat down. Once settled she asked the owner to drop the lead. Buddy came up to the volunteer and leant against her, she fed him some treats and gave him a stroke and then he settled himself on the sofa next to her whilst she completed the forms. 

Buddy does have an allergy of sorts but this had not been investigated by the vets

The volunteer feels that Buddy is a workable project. Any adopter needs to understand that he is reactive to strangers coming into ht ehome but also showed that this can be done safely with the correct training. Once Buddy knows the person he is absolutely fine.

In the right home Buddy hass oodles of potential. He may always have a few issues but in the right home and with training we believe that great improvements can be made.

We will NOT rehome Buddy with children due to his current behaviours. 


More information
Gender:   Male
Age: 2 YEARS
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Short
Neutered: No
Good with other dogs: Dont Know
Good with cats: Dont Know
Good with children: No
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