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Black Zirconium Ring [blzirc]

Black Zirconium Ring

This gorgeous personalised laser engraved ring has been done specially for GSDR through Love2have which specialises in handcrafted jewellery made by small independent designers here in the UK. These are not mass produced in some sweatshop in the far east, they are individually crafted by a small company in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham.

This is a 7mm wide dome profile, satin finished relieved black zirconium ring that has been laser engraved with the GSDR logo but they can be engraved with a limitless number of designs.

Black zirconium and relieved black zirconium has become very popular in recent years particularly for wedding rings because of its durability and it is a much more affordable alternative to gold which has climbed dramatically in price. Silver is too soft to withstand daily wear long term and many people react and their skin turns black in contact with silver.

Zirconium is not scratch proof but it is very hard wearing and will stand the test of time and will continue to look good year in, year out. When zirconium is heat treated, it forms a deep silky black oxide coating that is extremely scratch resistant. Although it is not exactly true to call it a coating, what actually happens is the surface of the metal transforms into a ceramic like material called Zirconia which has hardness equal to sapphire.

Do not guess finger sizes or use bits of plastic or paper sizers downloaded from the internet - they are not accurate. We can provide professional ring sizers for a £40 deposit which is refundable upon return.

We can do half sizes if required and we can do different widths. Please email for details

Personalised 7mm Wide Domed Profile Laser Engraved Relived Black Zirconium Ring

relieved black zirconium ring engraved with GSDR logo

Professional Ring Sizers

Professional Ring Sizers

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