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Bear – South Lincolnshire (Caucasian Shepherd)


Beautiful Bear came to us as an emergency rehoming. Her original owner could not cope with her due to declining health. She had cancer. She was then privately adopted by a gentleman, who thought that she would make a good family dog for his daughter. She would, in the right family. But Bear was a large bouncy eleven-month-old pup then, with no training and the new owner could not cope with her. She had no leadership skills and she expected Bear to live in a suburban home with her and her young children. Obviously, she would not cope. And so, Bear came to us.

Bear has been a kennel favourite from her first day. She has settled at the kennels beautifully and is very bonded with the female staff there. She can be wary of strange men but basically, she is friendly with everyone, once she gains confidence. We have only stated that she is not good with children, because she is large (50 kilos) and bouncy. She has no malice.

Here is feedback from a volunteer , who walks Bear at the kennels:

"Bear is a lovely dog – a gentle giant and starts a walk by pulling, she walks well once on the move.  Bear likes to sniff but understands ‘let’s go’ and a firm tug on the lead. She accepts whoever walks her with me, male or female with no issues.

Bear is not worried by traffic, bicycles, she is more aware of lorries and bigger vehicles but does not react. Bear will guard the front door of the kennel offices whilst waiting to go back in and will bark at strangers if they talk to her but is easily diverted with a treat, but she has no aggression and a waggy tail.

Bear will mouth your arm if you have a pocket of tasty treats, but no harder than me gently squeezing your arm with my hand.  Bear will sit for a treat and give you a paw or two before being asked.

We have met a couple of cats who she has acknowledged and gone towards, not sure of reaction if not on lead.  We have not yet walked past any strange dogs to monitor her reaction.

Bear is a lovely dog on all levels."
Do you have a Bear shaped hole in your heart - and are you up to her?

More information
Gender:   Female
Age: Age 3
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Semi
Neutered: Yes
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Good with children: No
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