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Young  Asterix is pure Belgian Malonois and at the tender age of 10 months is sadly looking for a new home.

He is vaccinated and microchipped  but entire as too young for castration at present. He has never been introduced to children is not good with cats and apparently reacts to dogs and people when out walkng. He has a high prey drive and also not good around horses !!! 

An absolute catch by anyones standards........ BUT

He is only 10 months old and living with a family who didn't research the breed before taking him on. When they tried to contact the breeder to see if they would take Asterix back and find him the right home the number  was unobtainable. He needs to work and stimulate his mind daily, its not just about taking him for a walk he will become a very bored but fit dog. The owners understandably have become anxious when out because of the reaction of Asterix but this is a catch 22 situation because if he was being walked by a calm confident handler would they have the same reaction..

Asterix is still very exciteable when visitors come to visit. He will jump up and does still mouth. The owners use multiple commands which Asterix will follow and then start again and get very excited.

Asterix does not like being left alone. He is worse when the male owner leaves the home. He doesn't like water.

In all Asterix is a stunning young man who has been well cared for. He now needs an experienced home who have the time to work with him. He would excell at scentwork, track and trace or a workiing environment where he will have to think. He has no preference to a male or female handler

He loves to play ball and any form of tug. He can be extremely loving and affectionate but is also very exciteable and can be totlly over the top 

If you can offer this lovely boy a chance please get in touch

More information
Gender:   Male
Age: 10 MONTHS
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Short
Neutered: No
Good with other dogs: Dont Know
Good with cats: No
Good with children: Older children only
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