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Ammo is just 6 years old and looking for her new home. She was adopted about 5 years ago but her owners are now struggling to cope withher.

Ammo displays classic guarding of her herd. Her owners over time have become anxious around her and this has heightened her behaviours. She guards the home so they cannot have visitors and is only walked very early in the morning when the owner knows that there won't be anyone around.

Having said all that our volunteer agreed to meet the owner outside with Ammo and go for a walk. Ammo was muzzled (the owner feels a little safer knowing that she is safe from arm) The volubteer got out of the car and Ammo came over for a sniff. They took off on the walk and the voluteer asked to take over the lead. She gave Ammo a loose lead and they had a lovely calm walk whilst Ammo sniffed away. A lady in a flowy dress walked [ast, Ammo looked up and then went back to sniffing. She obviously felt very relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed her walk. She allowed the volunteer into the home to complete the paperwork sitting nicely and offering her paw for treats.

It would seem that Ammo is unknown around most things and due to covid any socialisation has gone out of the window. As she got older her problems worsened but also her owners became more anxious so it has become a vicious circle.

Ammo needs a calm confident owner to work with her to remind her how fun life can be and that she just needs to be a dog and enjoy herself. She is very food orientated so training should be easy. The voluteer called her "A cuddle Monster" 

We are sure in the right hands she will blossom into a very loyal companion.

More information
Gender:   Female
Age: 6 YEARS
Color: Black
Coat: Semi
Neutered: Yes
Good with other dogs: Dont Know
Good with cats: Dont Know
Good with children: Dont Know
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