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Sabre - Norfolk

October 2018 update: Super Sabre has been rehomed.

Sabre is only being rehomed for one reason: his foster carer is very gravely ill and needs to know that Sabre will be cared for. He would have had a forever home, if his carer had not been struck with his tragic illness.

Poor Sabre has not had the best of luck in his life. He was owned originally by a problem family, who had scant time or money to care for themselves, much less a dog as well. Eventually, he came to us an emergency, as he had been abandoned alone in their vacated house. He was in dreadful condition. He was emaciated and traumatized. He improved, even in kennels, and then was taken under the care of his current foster carer, who has completely turned Sabre's life around. From being a deranged, emaciated wreck of a dog, nowadays he reflects the care and attention that has been lavished upon him for the last eighteen months.

Sabre is now a credit to the breed. He is a big, well muscled handsome boy, who is relaxed about life and loves everyone that he meets. He has grown to trust humankind and more than this, he is amazingly well trained. Well, it is not 'amazing' really as his foster carer was a professional armed forces' dog trainer in a previous life.

We cannot vouch for Sabre with children as he never comes across them but there is no reason to believe that he would not be fine with older ones. He is still selective about dogs. He ignores yapping dogs who might be irritating to others. He will even play with some dogs but he does have a 'thing' about black dogs. But these are his only issues now. He is a well trained boy who is loving to his owner and friendly towards everyone else.

Who is ready to give Sabre a home to match that which, tragically, he has to leave?

More information
Gender:   Male
Age: 7 years
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Short
Neutered: Yes
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Dont Know
Good with children: Dont Know
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