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Pippin – Lincolnshire


Poor pippin has not had a good start in life. She lacks training and so has, therefore, led a restricted life. Her owners were not experienced enough to tackle her issues and establish boundaries. She is still a bouncy girl, who under exercised, has no manners. All this is being remedied now, though. It is possible to teach an 'old dog new tricks'.

Pippin came to our attention when we received a rehoming request. Family circumstances had changed and there were more young children in the house. Pippin is boisterous and so she was relegated to the garden most of the day. She must have been grief stricken and, when our foster carers went to meet her, they decided immediately that 'they could not leave her there'. Now Pippin is flourishing and doing really well with them.

She has settled very quickly - now she has a 'home'. She sleeps through the night with no noise. She is receiving gradual training and is responding well to this. She walks on lead reasonably already and is learning fast. This is not something that she had much experience of previously. She is not huge and so she can be managed quite easily, even if she does show aggression.

All in all, Pippin is a lovely girl, who does not act her age. She is not perfectly trained yet but is getting there. She is cheerful and loves her new home, where she gets attention that she craves and is currently the only dog. Obviously, she will need to be this when adopted. Her current foster parents adore her, even after only a short while. They would be happy to keep her but they run a doggy day care business and home boarding. This precludes keeping Pippin because of her reactivity. Pippin has been given a chance of a normal life again by her foster carers. She is affectionate and grateful for this and relishes the attention.

Any potential adopters will be able to have full feedback from her foster carers before meeting sweet Pippin. Are you an older experienced adopter? If so, even though she is still bouncy, Pippin would be an ideal dog for you.

Will you give her the home of her dreams, which she so deserves?


More information
Gender:   Female
Age: 10 years old
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Short
Neutered: No
Good with other dogs: No
Good with cats: No
Good with children: Older children only
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