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Molly - Cambridgeshire

Molly is not living a great life at the moment. She is confined to a kitchen and a small garden. It has become necessary to separate her from the other dog in the household, as she is aggressive towards the new dog, whom she regards as an interloper in her home. Until this newcomer came along, Molly was the only dog for several years. It is not unreasonable to suppose that she was jealous at the arrival of this usurper. Such introductions do sometimes need handling sensitively and it is clear that Molly did not cope well with the transition, for whatever reasons.

Molly does get along with cats and children however. So she is not an aggressive dog in a general sense. Our assessor said that she was friendly and calm in her approach towards him. Unfortunately Molly's training did not extend beyond puppy classes and she does not walk well, even on a head collar. Her training would need to be taken back to basics

Molly needs a home where she can be centre-stage and with an experienced owner who could give her the calm leadership that she has lacked. Our assessor felt that, when outside, Molly's dog aggression was not entrenched however, and with an experienced owner, it might be addressed.

We are looking for her to be an only dog in the home, at this stage at least. But remember, she does get along with cats!

More information
Gender:   Female
Age: 5 years
Color: White
Coat: Short
Neutered: No
Good with other dogs: No
Good with cats: Yes
Good with children: Yes
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