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MISCHA in Cambridgeshire


Mischa is in kennels and you would think that she might not be merry there. Far from it. She was in complete depression, when she first arrived, and closed down in her distress. But the kennel routine, day by day, expert kindliness, and the less stimulating environment has enabled her to become more confident and mature.

Mischa was a Saudi bred dog, as you can see from the picture. Her family came to the UK at the end of 2020 and brought her with them. She had been a nervous pup and remained highly strung, as she matured. The stress of the journey, and living in a busy three generation household, did not suit her and so she came to us as an urgent case. 

She was described as loving in the home and she displays her affectionate playful nature at the kennels now. She was very withdrawn, at first, but she plays happily now with staff and greets visitors with much more interest and confidence.

Nevertheless, it is important for any prospective adopter to be aware that a sensitive and highly strung girl, such as she is, will require careful handling. She needs a calm, experienced home without children of any age. She needs to be given time and space, if needed. You can never tell. She might walk into her new home as the Princess that she is, or she might temporarily regress into a nervous state again. We want applicants for Mischa, who want to 'rescue' a dog, rather than acquire one. Any adopter must have the kindness and wisdom to go at her pace and the strength to set boundaries and manage her untrained behaviour as well. Having said that, this is what we want for any of our dogs, but some are more robust than others. Mischa is like a finely tuned instrument. She needs expert handling, but given that, could become an outstanding dog in all ways.

Have you the skill and intuition needed for this precious girl?


More information
Gender:   Female
Age: 2 years old
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Short
Neutered: Yes
Good with other dogs: No
Good with cats: Yes
Good with children: No
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