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Hello my name is Marley, I am 16 months old and entire. You may recognize me as  I was posted here a few months ago looking for my forever home which unfortunately I have not yet found, I have now been in rescue for nearly three months.

I came into rescue because  my mummy was working long hours and I was left alone in my crate for long periods of time. I did go out to a foster but they decided I was not the dog for them because of a few issues which need ongoing support.

Basically I am a big strong boy who until coming into rescue had little or no socialisation  with either people or other dogs and only the minimum of basic training.

The result of this is I now have a few issues and need  to have a quiet home with EXPERIENCED OWNERS who have the time and patience to teach me properly.

My rescuers are saying that because they want the focus to be on me, this must be a home with NO CHILDREN and definitely NO CATS, I could however live with another dog if we get on after meeting, as I have regular visits from my best buddy Blaise who I both play and go on long walks with. I do pull like a train on a lead but I have started getting used to a halti so  this improving rapidly.

I bond very quickly with people when introduced properly and especially ladies as my mum was a lady who lived on her own, but because of this I do find it hard to accept strangers (especially men) straight away and sometimes lunge and nip. This I know has put a few people off me hence the need to find a home with someone who knows what they are doing.

Things have been improving since I have been in kennels as I have regular visits from my friend Derek (Blaise's dad) who will not put up with my nonsense and is teaching me that this behaviour is not acceptable. The kennel owner also  works with me on a daily basis.


I get up in the morning when my mummy lets me out of my crate, my mummy use to make a den for me when I went to bed, i love my crate as its my safe place. I have been fully house trained since I was a puppy. Once let out I would then get fed, I have to sit and wait for the command to eat. I sometimes sniff my food and don't eat straight away but I will when I am hungry. I love fresh water to drink, ice cubes, carrots and broccoli storks too. I have since learnt to eat when fed as I'm not allowed to graze in kennels)

I love to play ball, but you need a few as I don't always give you  the ball back. I love squeaky toys and anything that isn't mine, slippers are the best, I will show you i have them and then run off with it, if you have a treat i will give it back to you.

I love to go for walks, but I do  get very nervous around people and sometimes i will bark at them. My owner has been putting a soft muzzle on me to help with this and i am calmer now when out walking. I love other dogs, but because of my size they don't always love me.  I love being around people i trust, but will jump up as I get excited and forget myself.

If you give me treats I will sit,  give paw and if you tell me gentle I will take it slowly.  I am very loving and loyal, I love belly rubs, cuddles and my head scratched, all  my mummy asks is that you please love me as i will love you back.

Gorgeous Marley Playing With Volunteer Derek And His Dog Blaise

Marley Playing With Blaise

More information
Gender:   Male
Age: 16mths
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Short
Neutered: Yes
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: No
Good with children: No
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