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LUCY – Lincolnshire


Lucy is a much-loved dog who needs to be rehomed urgently due to a very serious medical condition. She is much loved, and it is a heart-breaking decision for her owner. Lucy has some training issues but is very easy with other dogs, cats, and children. She is a nervous dog who would benefit from being in a very calm home environment and with an experienced calm owner would blossom.

This is the report from her assessor:

Lucy joined the family at 8 weeks from a less than ideal background – her owner saw her mum and she was an extraordinarily anxious dog. Lucy had some early issues and the family struggled to train her – went to a puppy training 101 group but not much success as she was too distracted by other dogs to focus; consistency in training is really needed for Lucy as she it might seem hard work initially, but she will need those routines and expectations to be firm and frequently communicated/boundaries held. When Lucy was one the family, they acquired another dog in the hopes it would help Lucy; this was Skye, a husky. Lucy and Skye played very well together and because of this relationship Lucy plays ‘like a husky’ when with any other dogs, which they say is quite rough and based on neck/face biting. Two young children joined the family and in the last couple of years they moved to the RAF base which involved a smaller house. The stress of these changes meant that the family rehomed Skye, who showed some aggression towards the children, in 2021 and have been struggling with Lucy’s behaviour and needs in the smaller setting.

As mentioned, Lucy could do very well with extremely consistent and firm boundaries and training based in clear communication (e.g., a well-established clicker routine over a long time period). The family have tried various things sporadically over her 6 years but admit these wouldn’t be kept up if she didn’t quickly improve. She is very food motivated. It would be hard work to train Lucy in the ways she needs and someone with some experience in this area would be ideal. To be trained sufficiently she will need a balance of training and exercise as at the moment she has neither of these resulting in excessive energy. Lucy has had some training attempts – the puppy training – and some behaviorist advice when she was 1, which Richard says helped them with a few basic directions and separation anxiety (Lucy did go on diazepam for this). Lucy is also muzzle trained; not out of necessity as she isn’t aggressive.

Lucy has the potential to be a happy relaxed dog who will respond to a calm, confident owner. Nervous dogs are adversely affected by living in a busy household, with fear communicated to them by an anxious owner. Lucy has a lovely nature and will blossom in the right home. Can you offer her that?

More information
Gender:   Female
Age: Age 6
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Long
Neutered: Yes
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Good with children: Yes
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