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Jessie - Norfolk


My, isn't this girl impressive? She thinks she is the best and she certainly could be, her black sable coat is rare and much prized amongst breeders - not that that matters.

Jessie has not had the best life so far. She was very ill as a pup with a complex worm infestation. She is walked daily but this precluded her early socialisation in puppy classes. Then, her life in her present home, has been as an outdoor guard dog. She was not on a chain but she has been confined to an outdoor pen and only brought in at night. Consequently, although she has had a glimpse of family life she has not been fully housetrained. And now, Poor Jessie is being rehomed, urgently, through no fault of her own. Her owners are moving to Portugal and feel that it would be unfair to take her with them, in view of the climate.

Jessie is described by her owners as having a good temperament and she has lived with five children, ranging from near adult to a baby. She is rather ebullient so is not suitable for a home with young children. We would only rehome with teenagers. She is a guard dog and our assessor said that she sounds intimidating, initially. She barked at him, until she was let out of her pen, and then came to him calmly. She walks well on lead, after initially pulling for a few minutes. Sadly, as she lives in the country, we could not find another dog to assess her dog reactivity. Her owners say that she is reactive and does bark: but, they say, that she has never bitten. She did form friendships, when she attended classes, and so it would seem that her attitude is due to lack of socialisation rather than deep seated aggression.

This wonderful girl will be a challenge. Well, any alpha bitch is. She has lacked socialisation and she will need help with this, she will be an active guard dog and protocols will need to be in place. As to her other issue - housetraining and getting used to living full time as a member of a family - I hardly think there will be a problem there. Most dogs adjust upwards to luxury very easily. She will need an active experienced owner and she will be challenging. But wouldn't you relish it, to own a magnificent dog like her?


More information
Gender:   Female
Age: 3 years old
Color: Black
Coat: Semi
Neutered: No
Good with other dogs: No
Good with cats: Dont Know
Good with children: Yes
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