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Taz - Devon

Tax is just 8 months old and a very big bouncy puppy. He is not yet neutered because he is too young.

He was purchased by older people who now have health issues and cannot cope with a very large bouncy puppy. 

When our volunteer walked into the house she completely ignored Taz, she didn't talk, make eye contact and stood with her arms crossed. He did the typical shepherd whine with excitement and tried jumping he nibbled at anything he could, including her arms and shoes. 

Within 5 minutes he settled and wandered off outside again. After that, he was fine although she was careful not to stroke him much and excite him as he goes up very quickly. He really loves being outside in the garden which is typical of this breed and he stayed out there most of the time whilst she filled in the form. Our volunteer didn't actually see but the owner said he does dig and chew at the fences and barks a lot but she was there almost 3 hours and he only barked once. Caucasians are known for being nuisance barkers and will bark at anything and everything.

He does chew at the door and shoes inside too but not overly bad, she only leaves him for about half an hour so we think he will struggle with being left alone too long. Our volunteer took him on a walk and he was really good on the lead and doesn't pull unless he wants to go and mark something. He does get tired/bored quick and then will flop onto the floor and roll around in protest and it is a bit of a mission to get him up again. Again this is typical Caucasian behaviour.

We don't think they've ever let him off lead so has no recall - typical of the breed. The owner says he's never shown any aggression to anyone, doesn't guard, loves people and other dogs and our volunteer feel the same from seeing him. He's a lovely dog just a big puppy that needs some training, work and time put into him. He does have his basic commands but Caucasians are difficult to 'train'.

His jumping up and nipping is naughty puppy behaviour which needs to be addressed not least because of his size.

He is left to his own devices in the garden and is getting bored which is exacerbating his naughty puppy behaviour.
He is also feeding off the fact that there are issues in the house.

He needs to be homed urgently

He is brilliant on the lead and knows his basic commands 

His jumping up and nipping seems to be the only trait 

This I feel is puppy behaviour and could easily be sorted with lots more walks and training 

Leaving him in the back garden without giving him things to do and keeping him active is resulting in this behaviour 

Also, he’s feeding off the fact there are issues in the house.

You must have experience with large breeds and no small children. This breed is better in rural areas with either a large secure garden or land.

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Taz Caucasian Shepherd Looking For A New Home

More information
Gender:   Male
Age: 8mths
Color: Other
Coat: Long
Neutered: No
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Dont Know
Good with children: Older children only
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