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German Shepherd Rescue

German Shepherd Puppies and German Shepherd Dogs rehomed across the UK. Help and Advice on All Aspects of Owning a GSD

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Panzer Needs A HomePanzer In Kennels 3 Years

Panzer is a GSD x Husky who has sadly been in rescue for nearly 3 years without any interest whatsoever. Not one single person has ever asked about him, he has never had a meet - how sad is that?

Panzer was pulled into kennels in July 2018 as he was living in hell. It took a fair few months to see the real Panzer and whilst he can come across as quite intimidating and dominant, he is actually a very nervous boy.

Panzer is looking for a strong but very calm handler who initially is willing to take the time to build a bond with him and visit him multiple times in kennels. Someone who will also give him the space needed to trust.

All dogs that come into our care have issues no matter how small so please don't overlook this boy, he is certainly workable if you have the patience required to build his trust. Further information about Panzer

GSDR/Swiis Foster CareGSDR/Swiis Foster Care

Swiis Foster Care are an independent fostering agency providing stable, caring homes for children and young people across England and Scotland. Swiis have services in Bristol, Buckinghamshire, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Lancashire, Leeds, Sheffield, Durham, Dundee, Dunfermline and Glasgow.

Swiis have committed to sponsoring an overseas dog in need of rescuing for each of its above facilities, including all vet bills, inoculations, pensions costs and transport to the UK.  We will allocate a dog for reach region and share each dogs journey from overseas to their new forever home with our children and young people.  This initiative has proved to be very popular throughout Swiis and the children are looking forward to sharing in each dogs journey.

Myself and my wife Jill who also works for Swiis,  have personally sponsored many dogs with the GSDR South West & Wales to ensure that they receive a safe passage to a secure loving home and also have two rescue dogs from GSDR; Dekker (aged 3) and Rodney (16 months) who along with a previously rescued Saluki/ whippet (Princess Leah) take centre stage in our family home. The German Shepherd breed are unique, they are loving and fun, can be wilful, but with considerate guidance are wonderful family companions. Our experience of GSDR as an organisation has been extremely positive, they are always available to provide advice and support to ensure that adopted dogs are fully and happily integrated into their new homes.

Swiis look forward to a long relationship with GSDR South West & Wales and we would highly recommend them to anyone considering providing a much needed loving home to a deserving doggie.

Tim Notchell CEO

Tessa desperately needs a homeTessa Desperately Needs A Home

Tessa has not had the best start in life but going forward will need an extremely experienced home.

She needs a strong owner who she can look up to rather than dominate which she will do if she senses any signs of weakness. Tessa in a home environment needs to have rules that cannot be broken.

In the kennels she is an angel so we are prepared to consider a home where she will be kennelled and not live in the home which is where her issues start.

For anyone interested we will explain her full history to date.

All in all this lovely girl deserves a home that she can call her own..... she will be the most loyal pet as long as you give her clear boundaries and training. She needs to know who is the boss and she needs to work and think. Read more about Tessa before applying to adopt her

Tasha in kennels most of her lifeTasha Desperately Needs A Home

Please don't let Tasha spend yet another Christmas in Kennels
Tasha arrived in the UK in 2018 and has been in kennels ever since.

When she first arrived she was only a puppy but she was afraid and panicked as she was carried away from the van, went to bite the person carrying her and managed to escape and was running loose for 2 weeks. We do believe that this is the reason as to why she doesn't like people she doesn't know. She was caught and now she knows everyone at the kennels she is a happy contented do.

Tasha will need someone who is prepared to visit the kennels maybe a few times to gain her trust.

Once she trusts and is settled she is a happy contented dog.

She loves other dogs so would perhaps be better being rehomed where there is another dog in the home. She will follow other dogs and settles quickly in the presence of a happy relaxed dog.

She has no interest in cats, she just wants to be by your side.

Please give Tasha the chance of having her forever home, she has waited far too long.

If you are interested please complete an adoption form so that a volunteer can contact you.


Although we are a German Shepherd rescue, there does not seem to be an official Caucasian Shepherd Rescue here in the UK, so since 2013, we have been helping these dogs find homes and have built up a good knowledge of this breed.

Most of these dogs are finding their way into the UK through unscrupulous breeders in eastern Europe or coming in via questionable rescuers with no rescue back up here in the UK. Most that we have helped so far, have been picked up as strays here in the UK.

This is certainly not the breed for everyone and if you are considering owning a Caucasian Ovcharka, please make sure that you thoroughly research the breed first. They may be the cutest bundles of fluff imaginable as puppies but they are a giant breed and will grow into a very large immensely powerful dog.

Caucasian Shepherds that we have for rehoming.

Handy Nanny Pet Services HerefordshireHandy Nanny Pet Services Herefordshire

Over 20 years experience with German Shepherds and large breeds like Caucasian and Central Asian Shepherds.

The Handy Nanny is available for dog walking, pet sitting and is happy to help with other pets if you are at work or away on holiday.

Alice has been involved with GSD rescue since a child and has grown up with dsome very difficult dogs so nothing fazes her.

All breeds catered for, all temperaments catered for.

CIB checked, animal first aider and fully insured

Contact Handy Nanny Pet Services for a dog walker in Herefordshire

Personal Protection Dog and Family Protection Dogs

GSDR always has and always will operate a NO DESTRUCTION POLICY because we believe that all dogs deserve a good life. We will find the right home for all the dogs that come into our care no matter how long it takes. German Shepherd Rescue is both a registered charity and company, which produces yearly accounts so that you know where your donated monies are spent.

German Shepherd Rescue

We are German Shepherd Rescue the biggest and best charity in England and Wales helping to foster and rehome German Shepherd puppies and German Shepherd dogs (Alsatians).

German Shepherd Rescue helps rehome German Shepherds across the UK. Can you help us raise funds so that we can rescue more unwanted German Shepherd Dogs?

If you are thinking of buying a dog as a family pet forget that puppies for sale advert, please read this article first.

Please do not contact the rescue specifically for puppies - buying a puppy. We are looking for loving homes for rescue dogs of all ages. We always have many German Shepherd dogs for rehoming. Can you offer to adopt a German Shepherd and give it a good home or maybe you could foster a German Shepherd until a new home can be found.

If you would like us to feature a German Shepherd dog that is looking for a new home, please contact us with your details. Please note that this is a genuine service for German Shepherd Rescue and not a listing for people wishing to sell their German Shepherd dog.

We do not have puppies for sale or dogs for sale but we do ask for a minimum donation which goes towards helping other needy dogs. Monies raised go towards kenneling and veterinary costs.

Volunteers are always welcome.

German Shepherd Rescue is run by volunteers who are involved because of their love for the breed. Most have jobs and families and fit in rescue work when they can and at their own cost. Please be patient, and we will deal with your requests as soon as we can. Our rescue dogs are worth waiting for!

Please help us by donating so that we can help re-home more unwanted German Shepherd dogs. Donations can be sent to Jayne Shenstone, German Shepherd Rescue, Little Vauld, Marden Hereford HR1 3HA. We also accept Paypal payments - just click on the Paypal button below. Thank you.

Please help support the rescue
Please help us by making a donation so that we can help re home more unwanted German Shepherd Dogs. Donations can be sent to Jayne Shenstone, German Shepherd Rescue, Little Vauld, Marden Hereford HR1 3HA. Thank you.