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Daisy – Lincolnshire

Dainty Daisy

Daisy is being rehomed for a very common reason. She perceives her owner as needing protection because she once suffered a serious health problem. Even though she is now fully recovered, Daisy continues to protect her. So, when they are out on lead she will lunge and bark at other dogs and has even growled at a male human, who approached her once. This is not an issue with other people walking her. Her owner reached out to a very reputable trainer, and we have the benefit of his report on Daisy. She absolutely does not behave like that with a confident handler. Sadly, it has not been possible to break the habit of protection with her owner. The whole situation is a complex one: any owner who has experienced this naturally anticipates the protective reaction from her dog. This then spirals, as the dog picks up on the nervousness and, what is more, loves the whole process and so is invested in continuance. GSDs are bred to be guard dogs. All their instincts are to protect their owner, their territory, and their pack. They love to serve their owners, which is what they think they are doing. And they think they know best, another potential GSD reaction and, frankly, they 'get off' on it.

So, in consideration of all of this, her owner thinks that Daisy would lead a better life with someone, whom she respects as a 'leader'. She is a naturally buoyant energetic girl and is still a teenager. She will be bouncy and lively - a handful in itself. She is quite well trained, though, and knows what she should be doing. The training simply needs reinforcement and to establish different habits.

Daisy lives happily with a young child and another dog and is very affectionate and cheerful in the home. She represents an opportunity to acquire a lovely dog with potential to grow and to become a credit to the breed. She does not really have issues, as such, just a confused start to her life.

Are you a strong leader and ready to explore her potential with her?


More information
Gender:   Female
Age: 2 years old
Color: Sable
Coat: Short
Neutered: Yes
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: No
Good with children: Yes
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