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Chloe - Cambridgeshire

Chloe the giant pup

Like so many of our dogs, Chloe has not had the start in life that she deserved. We do not know her early history, but we do know about the owners, who released her to GSDR, and that home. They only had her for a couple of months before deciding that she had to go. They had done no research on the breed and lived in a normal small suburban home with a patch of garden. They had no idea of the size and strength that goes with these giant dogs. They were even terrified of trying to take her for a simple walk and her puppy life was one of a lack of stimulation in the hands of people, who through ignorance, were abusers.

Chloe is in fact a delightful girl and is very sweet natured. Yes, she needs to be double leaded for safety, just in case, but she is relatively easy to walk. She is being exercised from the kennels by two girls. She is big and very bouncy, but she is a pup. It isn't her fault that she is a Caucasian and the size she is. How many pups do you know, who are happy and well, that are not bouncy? She is a sweet natured rather over exuberant girl, who only needs knowledgeable owners.

So, we are looking for a rural home with a very large garden or land. These dogs do not like to be taken for walks so much as to plod around their territory and amuse themselves, they like to be outside and guarding. That is what they were bred for, and Chloe also likes to play.

Have you researched the breed? Do you have space? Are you physically strong and energetic? Are you an experienced owner of large breed dogs? Are you up for the Chloe challenge?


More information
Gender:   Female
Age: Not one year old yet
Color: Other
Coat: Long
Neutered: No
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Good with children: Dont Know
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