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Caucasian Puppies

Meet Marlow, Chomp, Teddy, Diggle, Lyla and Torben who are now 10 weeks old. This litter was removed from their owner by an inspector so through no fault of their own they have ended up in rescue.

They are now 10 weeks old, all in foster homes where they are doing really well being socialised with people, children and other dogs. They are growing fast but none of these fosterers have any experience with Caucasian Shepherds so they really need to move on to their forever homes with knowledgeable, experienced people.

We prefer this breed to go to more rural homes with either very large secure gardens or land.

It is imperative that the new owners have either had a CS before or done extensive research on the breed and we don't mean watched a couple of YouTube videos.

They are very cute as puppies but will grow into immensely powerful dogs weighing 55Kg or more. They have strong guarding instincts which needs to be carefully managed and they can be nuisance barkers. These pups have had a good start in their current foster homes but that socialisation and training needs to continue.

Owning a Caucasian Shepherd is a huge responsibility, they are not pets they are a working guardian breed.

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Caucasian Puppies for rehoming

More information
Gender:   Male
Age: 10 weeks
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Long
Neutered: Yes
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Good with children: Yes
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Please help us by making a donation so that we can help re home more unwanted German Shepherd Dogs. Donations can be sent to Jayne Shenstone, German Shepherd Rescue, Little Vauld, Marden Hereford HR1 3HA. Thank you.