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Brooke - Swindon

This gorgeous big girl is Brooke who is approx 3-4 years old. 

She knows basic commands; sit/lay down/paw/another paw.

She is bolshy and does use her weight at times, but once she has been corrected she is a lovely girl. 

Brooke will need someone with experience and knowledge of large breeds to progress in her training. 

Brooke is not good with cats, she will chase/bark/snarl/pull with the sight of a cat. The same goes with dogs. Brooke will do anything she can to get to a cat/dog.

She never used to have lead manners until she arrived at the kennels, but they have been working on this and again once corrected, she walks with a slack lead - until another dog approaches. 

When a dog comes into sight she is up on her back feet pulling to get to it and she is VERY strong so will need someone who is strong enough to handle her when she goes off on one! A Dogmatic head collar or similar will be needed. 

Once Brooke has settled down after a funny 5 minutes she is a lovely, lovely girl who will do anything for some butt scratches and treats! She is very food orientated so if she's misbehaving it's pretty easy to make her sit and focus on you with some treats. She isn't a massively cuddly dog, she will love a good fussing, but she's really not interested in hugs, cuddles and mummy-cuddling. Brooke can also be selective on the people she likes, majority of people she is okay with, but some she will prance about and bark and snarl if there's a person on the other side of the fence she doesn't take a liking too. She has never shown any obvious signs of aggression to people and the kennels think that she just has her guard up constantly, especially with being moved about, finding a home, coming back because it didn't work out etc.

They have seen the lovable side to Brooke and she is honestly a little superstar, once she trusts you and she relaxes a little. She likes to play ball (although they are working on the bringing it back bit!). She knows her name but is selective on when she wants to respond to it.

This big girl is also not afraid to get covered in dirt and mud she has no sense of self cleanliness at all. Due to her being fluffy she needs to be brushed often, and the first time they tried to brush her she showed her teeth, but now they can make her stand for a good half an hour happily while they groom her.

She is a bit ticklish and sensitive around her belly area (not sure if that's because she had a litter or so the vet had said?) again, they are working on that and there are signs of some progress with that too.

Brooke has been passed around and not been given time to adjust and settle in a new home so it's not surprising that she behaves as she does.

She needs an experienced home with no other pets and no young children where she can relax and enjoy life with her companions.

Can you give Brooke the chance she deserves?

beautiful big dog Brooke needs a new home

More information
Gender:   Female
Age: 3-4
Color: Other
Coat: Semi
Neutered: Yes
Good with other dogs: No
Good with cats: No
Good with children: Older children only
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