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Blue - Llandrindod wells

This magnificent boy is Blue who is an 18mth old GSD / Siberian Husky cross who is castrated.

Blue lives in a small flat with 3 other dogs and no outside space.

When our volunteers arrived the initial greeting was a sniff and he jumped up but they easily walked into the home.

Whilst Blue showed no signs of aggression, his excitement levels grew and he bounced around the small room on and off the sofa. He jumped up until treats were produced when he sat, lay down, gave a paw and spoke on command. The minute the treats were finished he was back to wanting to play and was fairly boisterous. He grabbed at sleeves and trouser bottoms nipping, more treats came out and he stopped.

This boisterous behaviour is a continuous cycle which the owner is struggling to cope with and she can no longer walk him. 

The owner has a friend who takes Blue for a walk but they feel he is so strong that they are now walking him on a head collar and harness.

Our volunteers took him for a walk and both felt happy to remove the head collar using a harness and collar instead. They did not feel that Blue was excessively strong, he walked quite nicely considering that he has limited exercise. 

He needs to build up muscle slowly by walking greater distances.

Whilst out on the walk he met another dog and showed no reaction and received a pat on the head from a passer-by with no reaction.

Blue will make someone a wonderful companion ion they can work through the excitement in the home.

He is good with other dogs, lives with 2 Chihauhaus although can get a bit overexcited, he is not good with cats and other small furries. 

He is very clever and can undo doors.

Blues owner meant well when she took him on as he was only 8 months old and being kept outside on a chain. She has house-trained him and he asks to go out which entails going down 2 flights of stairs to a patch of grass in front of the flats. His owner also has mobility issues.

Blue is in a totally unsuitable environment for such a large young dog, he needs a home with a large garden and where he will get regular walks so that he can burn off that energy. He currently only gets a couple of 10-minute walks per day.

We believe Blue would be best homed with competent adults who have no young children, no cats and no other small furries.

Blue needs out of his current home asap as he literally is bouncing off the walls.

The poor dog is bored out of his mind!

Lovely handsome GSD Siberian husky cross

More information
Gender:   Male
Age: 18mths
Color: Other
Coat: Semi
Neutered: Yes
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: No
Good with children: Older children only
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