German Shepherd Success Stories 1

In this section we feature dogs that the rescue has helped.

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Cala - that's what friends are for.

cala and friends

What a wonderful happy picture.

Lana - a great favourite with all of us at the rescue

lana the white german shepherd fast asleep

This is our beautiful Lana who has been with the rescue a long time now. A lovely lady and much misunderstood. Happy and contented now in her new family home

Broxy - having a good Xmas

broxy the gsd enjoying xmas

OK where's my present mum and dad?

Marley and her mum

marley the GSD and her mum

This is the gorgeous Marley and her equally gorgeous and proud mum Laura. Marley is winning prizes for her obedience work and enjoys a spot of surfing in her spare time. Lovely to see such a fit and active german shepherd.


Lucy the german shepherd rescued as a pup

This is Lucy who is now 18mths old. She was rescued at th age of 7months when she had already had 3 homes. She is now with her forever family who adore her.


zak lying in the sun

Zak having a sunbathe in the garden


abbey the beautiful german shepherd girl

Abbey found her new home - and has obviously settled in very nicely.


fern the gsd puppy

This beautiful little girl was rescued by a volunteer recently who fell in love with her and has adopted her. She is very tiny for her age but has a big personality.


Benny boy the GSD

This is gorgeous old Ben who is 9 years old, hadn't had much of a life and is blind in one eye. He was to be put to sleep - surplus to requirement! The rescue took him in and a wonderful home has been found for lovely Ben. This is him just after his wash and blow dry.

Max and Tia

Max and Tia


una and friends

This is Una, the dog unwanted because of her floppy ears. As you can see she is now with her new family who love her ears and every other bit of her


toby and indy

This is Toby with his new playmate Indy - obviously he has settled in well in his new home and is learning what it's like to go for walkies and have fun.

Juno (Rusty) - 9mth old and rescued from a puppy farm

rusty the GSD puppy rescued from a puppy farm

Juno had a very bad start to life and spent her first few months in a pen without proper exercise or getting out and doing what a young puppy should do. She was unwanted because her ears are a bit floppy and her legs are bent because she was imprisoned during those early months.

Happily she has found a wonderful home with a friend to play with and her new owners adore her even though her ears and legs are not perfect.

Rebel - Now adopted by his lovely foster parents

Rebel the white german shepherd

Rebel has now been permanently adopted by the kind people that were fostering him when he came to the rescue. His story is featured here and we still need to raise funds for his ongoing treatment.

Sabre and Shamus

sabre and shamus

Two dogs that were quite difficult and required experienced handlers. Sabre is now being trained for a working career and Shamus is with the prison service.

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